La Côte Flottante, a restaurant moored on the Ill

There are only three in Strasbourg: the floating terraces that allow you to have a bite to eat while you have a drink, your back over the waves. The one we are testing today is called Côte Flottante and it moored at Quai Kléber in mid-June. And since it’s new, well you know us at Asapp, we make it our mission to go and test… incognito.

So the concept at first is fine on paper: wooden tables, a relaxed atmosphere, grilled vegetables and meat. On the spot, the small cabin in yellow and white planks sets the tone: It will be a beach atmosphere, less the sea, as you have to make do with the view of Ill. For those tired of the idea of ​​being lulled by the waves, there are also a few tables set up on the mainland at quay level.

Bar service

No frills at Côte Flottante, service is handled at the bar, so you have to wait a bit if there is a crowd to order your dish and drink. The menu is limited but varied: sandwiches with Toulouse sausage or squid, pork ribs from Mont Ventoux, steak, grilled aubergine and a bowl of salad. It is concise, but it has the merit of clarity. I choose the pork ribs (€14), my sidekick for the day grilled eggplant (€9).

We pay immediately before we eat (there are some who don’t like it, I think it avoids standing in line a second time when we leave). The waitress gives us a small box that will beep to indicate that the grilled meat is… grilled, of course, and that it’s time to get your food.

The ribs arrive after a (next) moment of waiting, they are grilled in front of the customers on a grill placed on the dock. The meat is tender and tasty with a nice grilled taste. The meat underwent low-temperature cooking at 78 degrees for 24 hours beforehand, and you can feel it on the palate: it is really very good, tender and the flavor of the marinade comes through nicely. The portion is generous, which does not spoil the pleasure of replanting the fork.

Accompaniment in height, but…

For the side dish, good, tender roasted potatoes and a not-too-acidic ratatouille add a nice touch. Although we would have liked a little fresh touch, like raw vegetables, summer is still the perfect time to eat it. Fortunately, the little cream cheese/herb sauce puts a twist on our business.

The grilled aubergines are equally successful: melting and tasty, it’s banco. Especially since the eggplant is not the most fragrant vegetable in the world, the burrata topping and crushed hazelnuts play their gourmet role well. Only downside: part of the eggplant is not cooked and therefore not edible. We could have asked for a return to the grill, but when we’ve already devoured three quarters of the plate, we don’t really want to wait. We also regretted the mustard sauce on the side, it is irrelevant with the aubergine, which would have rather been accompanied by a fromage blanc sauce or a crushed tomato.

We finish the plates quite quickly, then enjoy our glass, or order another. Kraft beer, organic iced tea, soft drinks, there is plenty to make. We didn’t see any dessert menus or we would have missed it.

You must like to eat casually

You’ll still have to appreciate the atmosphere of the place: folding wooden tables, benches without backrests (so you can’t lean back, hello lower back), children running in the corridors (and rocking on the terrace, hello lift your heart ). If you are looking for a prestigious place to hang out grandma, this is not the place. If grandma can still stand the children’s screams, you can take her away. Several had also brought their own food, so we imagine it is also possible to have a picnic (still got a courtesy drink at the bar). On the price side, we are quite happy, it is more than reasonable.

We regret the absence of a little more decoration: a few extra string lights, candles or lanterns, and we really would have been carried away by the country atmosphere. Shame. On Google Avis, the company receives less than half of the negative opinions, mainly regarding waiting times and comfort. The floating coast just launched, we hope it will catch up soon!

La Côte Flottante, quai kléber, from 15 June to 15 September, open from 5pm to 1.30am.

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