Le Newdel’s, a new nightclub in Fleury-les-Aubrais, to open in September 2022

“When I came in for the first time in a long time, I got chills…” Emery Suzanne, smiling broadly, with her partner Miguel Metro bought what was Naos nightclub in Fleury-les-Aubrais. It will welcome customers again from September 2022. It had actually been closed for almost four years due to an arson attack on the night of 24-25 April 2018.

The two new owners called this nightclub Newdel’s. Does that tell you anything? Yes, it is in reference to Gardels. Which had ruled the nightlife of the Loire Valley for years. Within the same walls. “We’re redoing the central bar there, as was the case at Gardel’s,” Emery shows Suzanne, inside the brand new nightclub, which is still under construction. He who spent a few evenings there.

First “physio”, now boss

Since he was a “physio” (physiognomist, doorman) for fourteen years in the establishment. He started as a doorman. Miguel Metro started server. Today they are bosses.
Emery Suzanne in front of one of the VIP corners in the new nightclub. (Photo Pascal Proust)

Is the circle complete? “Sports and the nightclub allowed me to have a super balanced life to do what I wanted. People always liked what I did when I worked there.“, emphasizes Emery, well-known foot-fist trainer at SMOC Boxe’s in Saint-Jean-de-Braye.

Emery Suzanne, a life of “kicks”

“But, it’s true that it’s a great pride. It’s huge. You have to remember that Gardel’s was voted the best nightclub in France in the 90s. We had been invited to the Lido because we were number one!

“This place has a great soul”

In 2021, when he had the idea to open a mixed martial arts training center, his childhood friend in Reunion, Miguel, offered to buy the walls and enter the business. The two partners then take the plunge. And the magic still works, according to Emery: “This place has a great soul. There is a story in these walls. It was Kassen. And she still has enormous potential.”

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Potential, of course, but after two years of Covid, why embark on the “disco” adventure? “For me it was a dream. With Covid, I told myself that people have been locked up so much for two years… We want to move now. And it’s up to us to find ideas to do them. go out again. Why do they go to the restaurant? And to the cinema? And not to the nightclub?”

Not a weekend goes by when we don’t ask for news about the future of disco from Emery Suzanne, known in Orleans through the world of the night (“a world of sharks”, loose-t-to) or from the world of boxing: “Especially for people over 40!”, he says. “Who doesn’t want to go to kids’ clubs. I meet a lot of them who can’t wait for us to open. People go to bars. But after?”

Newdel’s will open in September 2022. Be sure that young revelers also have the right to enter. There will be two rooms, two atmospheres. As in Gardel’s heyday.In the part of the disco of the future for the public “from 40 years”. (Photo Pascal Proust)
Alban Gourgousse

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