Opinion and review of the concert with The Bobby Lees, Crack Cloud, Lumer, Tramhaus, Reptiles (Super Cathédrale de Binic 2022) on July 21, 2022, Pointe de la Rognouse, Binic, by Pierre Andrieu

After a joyful 2021 edition (but minimalistic because of … Jean Castex), the Binic Festival returns in 2022, still at the end of July, over 4 days and in the magical setting of the Pointe de la Rognouse (sea view !) , but this time under the name Super Cathédrale de Binic. On the programme: lots of excellent rock ‘n roll, punk, garage and blues bands on two stages, with a good size capacity: 2500 people.

The beginning of the festivities on July 21, with an audience that is still too shy (it’s a Thursday, it’s 25 euros per night, whereas until 2019 the party was free), but crazy weather, an ultra cool atmosphere and a phew prog: The Bobby Lees, Knæk Cloud, Lumer, Krybdyr and Tramhaus! Paradise on earth…

Tram house

With a seven-hour journey in his paws (journey made in covoit in the company of a sympathetic fan of Jul, “big concert at the velodrome stadium in Marseille” according to him), the liberation arrives from 18.30 on the big stage with the angry Dutch Tram house, a masterful post-punk garage combo. The concept for this eardrum-shattering company is pretty simple: two guys and two girls bang on their guitars, bass and drums, while a maniac flails around and screams into his microphone like a man possessed. It’s well put together, tight as a bow and ideal for electrifying a crowd. We advise! Note: Tramhaus will be back in France in September (at the very good festival Hop-pop-hop in, among others, Orléans… ).


Right after, we go up the hill of Pointe de la Rognouse to wedge ourselves into the shade under the big top, where the second stage of the festival is located. It is the Rennes group reptilenew project by the singer and guitarist Sylvain Arnaux (Hummingbird etc.), which works in trio mode “two guitars + drums”. This dark and furious music instantly distills uneasy and dark atmospheres that are not without evocation The gun club and Sixteen Horsepower thanks to the gravelly voice of an old seal from the leader of the combo. Add to that big rhythm guitars, trippy rhythms and streaks of acid guitars triggered by second scratch and you get something very poignant and enchanting…

As Pointe de la Rognouse is just above a magnificent unspoilt beach and it is possible to leave the site, we use the break reserved for catering to drink a pint of good beer while admiring the sunset over Cap d’Erquy and the sea from Corps de Garde beach. Great place, ideal for bathing every morning and thus recovering from the previous day’s excesses. When you think that people pile up and lock themselves in huge money pumping meetings, and that there is this festival on a human scale, with crazy prog and where you feel free… it gives spin!

Cloud Crack

After sending heavy early June to the festival Levitation France, the cool post-punk collective Cloud Crack don’t hesitate to do the same in Côtes d’Armor… The young and prolific Canadians – who will release a stunning new record called “Tough Baby” on September 16, 2022 and present it live in October/November during a tour in France (Trabendo de Paris on October 27, 2022, etc.) – lives an intense and dense set of post-punk attracted to the dark, dancing and gathering sides of the force.

To put it simply, it is both accessible, viscerally rooted in the punk tradition and forward-thinking. The loud singing as if his life depended on it by the lead singer and his fiery drumming (the gentleman wears both hats) hit head-on a huge bass, guitars as edged as acid, a squeaky synth and a well-felt sax. The result is that it is damn unstoppable, good in the face and free of all superfluous fat: here there is only nerve and muscle, served hot and cold by children in a state of grace. Good game ! Etc…


In stratospheric form to close the already mentioned Levitation France festival a month and a half earlier, the English from inform prove once again in Brittany that you can count on them blowing everything up. And yes, the guys are clearly supreme in today’s great post-punk unrest in the UK. Alex Evans (vocals), Benjamin Jackson (guitar), Benjamin Morrod (bass) and William Evans (drums) have in their luggage a string of strong titles that are enough to melt the fuse of any audience, except perhaps – being fans of it worst band in the world, Coldplay.

In short, here under the tent of the Super Cathedral of Binic, it works to death, every piece shows how much the young Brits attack to swing sound uppercuts sung with a very striking stone thor voice, without failing to be played closely around the guitar. Nothing revolutionary in itself, but when you witness such a display of punk power, you tell yourself that well-planned in the pub in the rock star’s paradise with Ian Curtis, Mark E. Smith of Decreased should be proud of his lineage!

Bobby Lee

Grand finale to this first classy evening with Bobby Lee, an incredible punk rock & blues combo from Woodstock, New York. This ultra-tight gang of Americans is made up of supercharged Sam Quartin (vocals and guitar), Kendall Wind (low), Macky Bowman (battery) and Nick Casa (guitar), and the least we can say is that they didn’t come here to string pearls. Rather, their goal is to chain a maximum of ultra-violent titles (but not only) on the big stage of Binic. As the hysterical as well as magnetic singer/roarer points out at the mic, most of the barbs thrown tonight come from Bobby Lee’s first album, “Skin Suit”, very well produced by the huge Jon Spencer. It’s pure punk served up for the punch, with as a bonus a very blues cover of the cult Bo Diddley“I’m a man”.

There is almost no dead time, everything is chained by a group on the peg, with each musician tearing loose on his instrument: it is a real “high energy” sonic slaughter, something that will probably send straight to the seventh heaven all punk’ n roll garage fans. Writers of a good cover of “Blank Generation” by the kings of punk made in New York, Richard Hell and The Voidoids on their previous record Bobby Lees left punk around 1977 to make it their own thing, as on their monumental new single “Hollywood Junkyard”, played tonight and taken from an EP produced by Vance Powell (Jack White etc.), published on the label of Mike Patton, Ipecac. This punk, blues, garage and grunge bomb (there is Nirvana at the Bobby Lees!) completely fools Binic’s audience, and should have worldwide repercussions. In the meantime, see you at the start of the school year, in October, with a fantastic French tour, which could well cause a few more serious pogo sessions!

During this enjoyable first volley of concerts in Brittany, we took it for our rank, we can go home fissa sleep on both ears… But, small detail, we forgot in our room the code to return to the hotel at night, aie aie ouch. Our savior is none other than the father of the singer of Bobby Lees, met at the right moment in front of the gate, who kindly gives us the precious number. Thank you sir and bravo for your touching offspring!

Pictures: Titouan Fair titouanmassephoto.com, www.instagram.com/tmphotograph, www.facebook.com/titouanmassephoto, twitter.com/titouanbzh (Except for reptiles: Cyrille Bellec www.facebook.com/cyrille.bellec and the Corps de Garde beach: ON

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