Phygital era: Hyundai extends the electrified experience of IONIQ 6 to the digital world through a collection of NFTs

Hyundai Motor Company presented the detailed roadmap for the IONIQ Citizenship program, a service package reserved for holders of NFTs from the IONIQ 6 collection.

The collection of NFTs dedicated to IONIQ 6, unveiled recently, is Hyundai’s second official series of non-fungible tokens, designed to deliver new experiences and create value, especially for Gen Y and Z customers. Personal experiences that drivers and passengers have come to expect from Hyundai’s new “Electrified Streamliner”, the company plans to extend the electrified experience of the IONIQ 6 into the digital world.

IONIQ Citizenship, a membership program dedicated to NFTs, aims to bring the exclusive electrified customer experiences of the IONIQ line to the digital world that has no physical boundaries. This program includes access to digital spaces, specific digital content and physical objects associated with IONIQ 6, and some of the services offered may vary according to their rarity.

Specifically, the experience of the IONIQ 6 will be expanded through various partnerships, which will begin with virtual fashion item donations and VIP access to “Planet Hyundai”, Hyundai’s virtual space that opened on the platform of the ZEPETO metaverse in collaboration with Naver Z. NFT holders will could exchange their gift card for a personalized phone case from NFTYC (NFT Your Case), the world’s leading manufacturer of NFT phone cases and a subsidiary of CASETiFY, a brand of world-class high-tech accessories. After that, the company will gradually offer an interactive virtual space intended to host the “IONIQ Digital Garage” event reserved for NFT holders.

NFT’s collection dedicated to the IONIQ 6 reflects the personalized customer experiences offered by the modular interior of this vehicle. The company released 5,000 IONIQ 6 NFTs covering six different themes: driving pleasure, quiet driving, work, socializing, caring and entertainment.

Each NFT IONIQ 6 is a work of art in its own right, created in a generative format that randomly combines different backgrounds, exterior colors and objects to give rise to tens of thousands of possible combinations. The base of these NFTs reflects the environmentally responsible interior space of the IONIQ 6 and is inspired by its new two-tone mood lighting. Four color variants of the IONIQ 6 exclusively dedicated to the NFT reinforce its futuristic style emblematic of the IONIQ line.

Hyundai preferred to distribute its collection of NFTs dedicated to the IONIQ 6 for free rather than sell it, so that more people could participate in these unique experiences.

Hyundai is constantly exploring new ways to connect and engage its customers. The collection of NFTs dedicated to IONIQ 6 is an important initiative to push the boundaries of NFTs, which are no longer just commodities and investments, but true vectors of experiences and stories. We intend to strengthen our ties with our customers and interact in more innovative ways, drawing on the exclusive value of our IONIQ line. We will continue to offer “phygital” experiences, capable of merging the real and virtual worlds, to the new generation of customers more accustomed to digital technologies.

Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor Company

Starting in August, Hyundai will continue to communicate the innovative experiences of its IONIQ series through “Capsule IONIQ,” an NFT newsletter aimed at strengthening ties with the community. Inspired by the fashion brands’ capsule collections, Capsule IONIQ will tell stories about the IONIQ line in an experiential format.

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