Six books to discover this summer at Quimperlé booksellers – Quimperlé

  • 1 Local author: “The dark caste”, by Ludovic Lancien

  • Emmanuelle Comparet: “The story begins in India, with the caste of the untouchables, and then continues in Paris, a few years later, with a police investigation after the body of a mutilated man is found. The whole plot revolves around The Untouchables, and the result is very successful. »

  • 2 Paperback: “Blackwater”, six volume series by Michael MC Dowell

  • Julia and Karine: “It came out at a rate of one volume every fortnight. The story, which is a little scary, takes place in the United States, in Alabama, one of the southern states, and traces the life of a family that is confronted with paranormal events. We are here between polar and thriller. »

    Julia and Karine, from the bookstore “Les mots voyageurs”, in the lower town, in Quimperlé. (Telegram/RG)
  • 3 Favorite: “Madly, my love”, by Maelenn Bernard

  • Emmanuelle Comparet: “It is a very poetic book that tells how a young woman on a trip to South America will meet a man there, with whom she will fall in love and enter into a very toxic relationship with him. He talks about domestic violence, but in a very modest way. »

  • 4 Classic: “War”, by Louis-Ferdinand Céline

  • Julia and Karine: “We say classic for the author’s identity. This novel, set in Flanders during the Great War, is unpublished as it comes from the many pages of Céline found a few months ago. The universe is always that of war, which constituted a trauma for Céline. »

  • 5 For the youngest: “A grandfather who fell from the sky”, by Marc Lizano

  • Emmanuelle Comparet: “We are here with a granddaughter who is about to discover her grandfather, a man of strong character who has just moved in with her and her parents. In this story full of love, the trauma of the Second World War resonates. »

  • 6 Detective novel: “The Magic Box”, by Camilla Lackbërg

  • Julia and Karine: “A safe bet, with one of the main authors in the world of Nordic thrillers. It’s the slightly gory, dark story of a mother who is found mutilated, pierced by swords, with all the ensuing investigation. »


    The article was written before Marijo Mellouët, founder of Penn da Benn, died on 19 July. The bookstore is currently closed.

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Summer, the good time to (re)start reading

The summer holidays are undeniably a good time to read, whether at home or on the beach. Not surprisingly, bookshops therefore continue to welcome many customers, regulars or passers-by, for a few days’ holiday, like the travelers in Words, in the lower town of Quimperlé. “After Christmas, summer is the second big time of the year with the literary season, which is much less spread out over time,” says Julia, bookseller.

“Great stories, not too much of a headache”

Among those who push to the front door on the occasion of a short excursion in the center of Quimper, there are quite a few families where the parents try to take advantage of the months of July and August to give their children a taste for reading or expansion. their horizons, which are often limited to manga, according to the bookseller. “Generally what we’re asked for are good stories, not too many headaches since it’s the holidays,” she confides. Thrillers are also quite successful, as are books about Brittany and tourist guides for people not from the region. »

The pocket, the ideal format to take with you

And in terms of success, the format that meets the public the most is, not surprisingly, the pocket, which easily finds its place next to the bath towel, the bottle of water and the sunscreen. , in the bag that we prepare before the day or in the afternoon on the sand. “There are even comics in a format that comes close to that, which also makes them easy to carry,” Julia concludes.

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