Vaccination of children aged 0-4 is met with parental reluctance

According to data provided Thursday by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), just under 2% of the approximately 400,000 young children in Quebec have so far received a first dose or have an appointment at one of the vaccination centers in Quebec during the next time. few days.

In total, there were just over 8,000 reservations on the Clic Santé portal. Of these, 1630 doses were actually administered.

In Capitale-Nationale, for example, where the virus circulated a lot in July, there were 763 agreements. donated or honored out of a total of 28,000 children spread over the territory.

There are approximately 150 available times, and we will adapt our offer according to demand. »

A quote from Mathieu Boivin, spokesperson at CIUSSS of the national capital

The pace is even lower in Chaudière-Appalaches, where as of Wednesday, just under 60 doses had been given out of 14,500 young people. The deployment of vaccination centers continued on Thursday, it was announced at CISSS.

It is recommended that the little ones receive two doses of the vaccine with an interval of eight weeks.

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Reluctance according to the child’s age

This slow start can be explained in part by parental reluctance to vaccines against COVID-19, as measured by a series of studies conducted by the National Institute of Public Health in Quebec (INSPQ).

As of July 20, a week before the start of the early childhood vaccination campaign announced by Quebec, at least 40% of parents of youngsters aged 0 to 4 had no intention of making an appointment for you, while 19% had not yet made a decision.

Still according to data collected byINSPQ Since the beginning of the pandemic, the younger the children, the more vaccine fear there is among parents on the starting line.

This observation is translated into the vaccination coverage rates.

To date, about 59% of 5- to 11-year-olds have received at least one dose of the vaccine, compared with 84% of 12- to 17-year-olds.

Parents ready to get their children vaccinated at the start of the campaign

0-4 years: 41 %

5-11 years: 63 %

12-17 years: 82 %

Source : National Institute of Public Health in Quebec

Similar fears

While the number of parents opposed to the COVID-19 vaccination increases as the child’s age decreases, the biggest fear remains the same.

Among the reasons given for not having their children vaccinated, nearly a quarter of respondents saw no benefits and thought the risks of the virus to their offspring’s health were minimal.

One in five parents said they feared side effects from the vaccine. Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine is the one that will be given to children in Quebec. The first vaccine they receive is about a quarter of a dose given to adults.

Several reasons, according to Quebec

In writing is MSSS acknowledges it the number of agreements made is limited currently. Indignant vaccine hesitancy in general and people who think about the subjectQuebec evokes various factors that may explain the situation.

According to the Quebec Immunization Committee (CIQ), 50à 60% des jeunes enfants ont déjà contracté une infection aux sous-variants”,”text”:”de50à 60% des jeunes enfants ont déjà contracté une infection aux sous-variants”}}”>50 to 60% of young children already have an infection with the subvariants, reports a spokeswoman for the ministry. Many children who are eligible to be vaccinated could therefore have have been infected recently and would thus be forced mois de délai avant d’avoir leur vaccin”,”text”:”d’attendre les 3mois de délai avant d’avoir leur vaccin”}}”>to wait 3 months before getting their vaccine.

More simple is MSSS claims that many parents could wait after the holidays to make an appointment. The ministry also believes that some parents waiting for a vaccine that they consider to be more suitable for the new variants that are circulating.

A person being vaccinated.

The fear of vaccination among parents varies according to the age of the children.

Photo: pool/AFP via getty images / CARLOS OSORIO

The fact is that vaccination is considered sure and it is recommended to prevent complications in your child in case of infection with COVID-19, specifies MSSS.

On natural protection after contracting the virus, the CIQ also points out that a hybrid immunization (infection and vaccine) protects better than immunity acquired alone.

As for concerned parents, Quebec invites them to talk to a healthcare professional if you have any questions and consult reliable sources of information.

Since the start of the pandemic, just over 1,600 children aged 0-9 have been hospitalized due to COVID-19. Two deaths have been attributed to the virus.

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