Couples: here are the 50 essential ingredients for having a lasting relationship, according to a study

If for poets love is eternal, in practice it is more complicated. Is there a miracle recipe to make love last forever? A recent study, commissioned by Warner Leisure Hotels and reported in The Mirror newspaper, attempted to find an answer. After interviewing 2,000 married (and happy) British couples, the experts, we state the recipe for a lasting relationship. 50 ingredients came out.

Communication is key

It’s not just a romantic movie cliché: communication really is the foundation of any relationship. Or more precisely, it is the basis fora healthy relationship. Communicating allows the couple to come together and get to know each other better. In the event of a dispute, one must know how to express himself when the other has to some effort to listen.

The report says:

“The recipe for a perfect marriage includes six meaningful conversations, three long walks and two important arguments a month. »

Source: Pexels

It is self-explanatorya happy marriage does not mean a problem-free marriage. In any case, what must be remembered is not the argument, but the what made his decision possible.

Passion and intimacy

In love, and many couples confirm it, words are not everything. The sterns are more talkative ! The numbers for couples who have lasted more than 20 years speak for themselves. They claim to have sex 5 times a week. And tell each other “I love you” more than 10 times a week.

To break the routine, you can go on holiday, for example romantic once in a while. Simon Thompson, chief executive of the adults-only hotel group, which commissioned the research, said:

“Many couples who visit us say they feel closer after a relaxing romantic weekend together – and it certainly helps that neither of them has to do the chores. »

Source: Pexels

Enjoy the moment

The trick is simple, take time for yourself, but don’t forget it Spend time together.

Experts confirm:

“Whatever your preference, the key to a happy marriage seems to be time—time together, time apart, time to forgive, time to laugh, and time to understand.”

The 50 ingredients in a lasting relationship

If you want a strong and lasting pair, here it is 50 tips that you must followD:

  • Spend time together
  • Help each other in difficult times
  • Be yourself
  • Let the other have their own interests
  • Be present in every situation
  • Hug regularly
  • Be respectful to him/her to others
  • Have projects together
  • Be proud of their achievements
  • Teasing each other like children
  • travel together
  • Share the same sense of humor
  • Try new experiences together
  • Remember important dates
  • Do not make decisions about others without their consent
  • Share household chores
  • Show interest even when the other person is talking about something you don’t understand
  • Accept each other’s bad habits
  • Compromise
  • Say “I love you” every day
  • Say “Good morning” and “Good night” every day
  • Listen
  • Go on a weekend together
  • Enjoy a hot drink together

Part II:

  • NEVER settle for an argument
  • Close your eyes when the other person is grumpy
  • Being willing to watch TV shows you don’t like
  • Being nice to the other’s family/hanging out with one’s in-laws
  • Have a balanced routine
  • Be kind to each other
  • Be ready to do whatever it takes to make the other person smile
  • Being able to laugh at arguments afterwards
  • Watching a TV series together and trusting each other not to watch an episode alone
  • Notice when the other person is talking about something that interests them and realize it later
  • Being with each other’s friends
  • Accept that sometimes it’s better to spend the night alone
  • Choose your matches
  • Has a coded language that only the other can understand
  • Surprise each other with gifts
  • Accept that the other spends time with other people
  • Be prepared to share your meal in the restaurant
  • Puts others first even in the worst situations
  • Be comfortable going to the toilet opposite each other
  • Always buy an extra drink
  • Don’t be embarrassed when the other person is full of air
  • Send loving messages
  • Choose “voice of reason”
  • Regularly provide tea or coffee in bed
  • argue rationally
  • Always stand up for others when you are in public

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