How do you make an animation video or a motion design?

In this case to present a company, to convey a message or simply to arouse an emotion. In this article we will show you all the steps to create an animation video or a motion design.

What is animated video or motion design?

Animated video or motion design is a technique where graphic elements are animated to create a video. This video trend is more simply an animation of graphical elements. It is usually created by video content creators who not only help you create animated videos but also give you many other benefits. Don’t hesitate to find out more about these video content creators here.

Motion design includes many different styles:

  • Flat design animation which is one of the trendiest styles with 2D animation;
  • 3D animation: Well-designed style with more expensive cost. It is the style generally used to present a new design product;
  • 2D cartoon animation that’s the motion design used in cartooning;
  • typographic animationa less complex style where text is animated to convey a message;
  • The motion stop which allows you to animate frame by frame.

How do you make an animation video?

Before you make a motion design video, you must first have certain skills in project management. That’s why you absolutely must follow these few essential steps to create a successful animated video.

Set your goals

Although it is often forgotten, Goal setting is still a very important step.because that’s where everything starts. It consists of a way to clearly define the objectives for the production of your video. What objectives may be to explain a concept, advertise or sell a product. In addition, you can read here how you can sell an increasingly expensive product or service.

But watch out ! The message you are going to send should be as clear as possible. This is why you should ask yourself this question first “Who is my target? ». The answer to this question allows you to make a choice about the communication style that you want to apply later.

You should also be sure to provide all the information by which you can be identified without forgetting the exact time of your scenario. Hence the importance of a Specifications: which should contain all this information. This is called a briefing.

Write the script and voiceover text

This is the stage where you are called upon to write your screenplay, or better yet, the written version of your project.

In reality, write the script provides information on all the details related to each sequence of the video. It provides information about the duration of each scene. This stage is usually worked out in the form of a table in which the duration, content and all scenes are recorded at the same time.

This document represents the inventory of the video to be created. It lets the looking forward to make changes if necessary. Furthermore, it is advisable to use spoken language and be explicit when writing.

After that, you can approach the stage of writing the text of the voiceover as a whole.

Once this is complete, you will see your project really take shape. Therefore, the motion designer can begin the so-called phase of creating a graphic universe.

Create the storyboard and mockup

The storyboard is the stage where the graphic designer is involved. It makes it possible to accurately reproduce each of the sequences of the video in the form of drawings. The end of this stage makes it possible to obtain a first visual element that is just a sequence of comics. In addition to the voiceover, this visual element also includes effects such as: transitions and sound effects between sequences. That said, all the data needed to understand the project is already included.

The other phase, called modeling, corresponds to: digitization of the whole series of comics created during the storyboard. During the layout, the motion designer will use applications specific to graphic design. These include software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Affinity Designer, and others.

Animate images and create a soundtrack

Before you get to this step, make sure that all the previous stages have been recorded.

Animating images is the most important part of motion design. It comes down to first bringing all the graphic elements together and then give them life.

For this, the motion designer has to equip himself with his visual production software (Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, etc.).

The production of the soundtrack is also an element that should not be pushed out of hand. First, it must be run synchronously with the graphics field. Second, it must convey the message without any ambiguity. Third, you need to download royalty-free music in the background. Note that a well-executed sound illustration makes your project more attractive.

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