Seven tips to challenge your children’s brains during the holidays

Aude Proisy is a coach and educational consultant in Pont-du-Château (Puy-de-Dôme). She shares seven tips for parents to help you get through the summer on the right track.

1. Let children breathe

“We must not try to stimulate children at all costs. It is important that they get a proper break, even if the young people lose the rhythm, the habit of school functioning and a small part of what they have learned this year. If the child has academic difficulties that have been identified by the teachers, it may be good to work a little on these areas. But it must be done differently. »

2. Don’t force them to fill out notebooks

“Holiday notebooks offer very academic exercises which do not necessarily appeal to young people. It can be counterproductive if it creates tension, conflict. On the other hand, if there are children who want it, we can totally encourage them. It’s about being done in a good mood. »

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3. Experiment with other teaching materials

“There are educational board games to play with the family like Cap sur latrust (€ 37.99 nine editor’s note). Filliozat notebooks allow young people to work on their emotional intelligence. This can help children regain confidence and learn skills that will help them feel better at school. »

4. Prioritize learning by doing

“For example, baking a cake allows you to revise divisions, subtractions, percentages. You can also take the opportunity to write postcards to friends and family. There are also more and more production laboratories in third places with digital tools that make it possible to create objects, such as Ti’Lieu, in Clermont-Ferrand. »

5. Make active use of screens

“It is important that children do not passively use screens. I advise parents to create an exchange: asking them questions about what they see helps feed imagination and stimulate skills. Of course we can afford to make a small passive screen.

As a parent, we like to watch a series without thinking about relaxing. Children need these breaks too.

But overall, these digital media should be used in moderation, and it is important to offer other activities alongside. »

6. Tailor your cultural visits to entertain young people

“You have to remember that we learn much better when we are happy. So if your child likes castles, it can be interesting to visit one and take the opportunity to explain what life was like at that time. When we go for a walk in nature, we can make a herbarium. Why not even make landscape art, which works from shells? It stimulates the imagination. However, be careful to avoid long visits for the little ones. For them, it is necessary to favor activities with movement that make the body move. »

7. Set the pace before the start of the school year

“So that the start of the school year is not too difficult, it is good to resume the rhythm of going to bed and getting up from the school term two weeks before. We can also take advantage of these last fortnight to establish a little ritual on the holiday notebooks. But we must strengthen the child by giving him the freedom to choose what he wants to work on. »

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