Spidersaurs (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

We are here today to discuss under hairy late contrary. This one left us at the beginning of the year 2007 after a quality episode 4 on Nintendo DS. Of course, there is an urban legend circulating on social networks that evokes a certain something Rogue Corp., but decency forbids us to invoke the one who has denied his heritage so much that the centrifugal force generated by such a reversal alone would be enough to power the wind turbines of France for three generations. But fortunately, way forwardalready responsible for the very good series of Shantaedecided the style of the r . to take overunarmed and offers us today spider saursthe opportunity to reminisce about some happy memories of the super nintendo.

Just a trivial story

It all starts with spider saurs, in the best of worlds. Indeed, in this climate the climate is going downhill and agriculture is having a hard time providing enough to support the population. Fortunately, there are companies that are interested, not out of profit, but out of a need to contribute support and know-how for a fee, to help us. These benefactors work for In-Spirit, in their ultra-sophisticated lab, they develop the best meat, simply the meat obtained by mixing the DNA of arachnids with that of dinosaurs, which also explains the title. But even in the best of worlds, accidents happen quickly and unfortunately for us, the spider saurs are looking for a bit of deserved independence.

In this upcoming boxon, we embody two young people in harmony with their times. We have a choice between Adrien, a young man who studies at the police academy and plays the delivery man to make ends meet, or Victoria, a teen as rebellious as rocker who… well, who came when all these troubles started ​​and who therefore offers to help, what could be more normal? This introduction is in the form of a credits straight from the cartoons of the 80’s/90’s. It’s rock, it’s flashy and it doesn’t take gloves to get in the mood. In short, the tone is set, humor and fighting will be the two breasts of the title of way forward And that is good.

While unfortunately for us a lengthy briefing from the professor and the team in charge of the lab will cut us off in our fighting spirit, this is the first drawback that affects our experience. Putting ourselves in front of such a surge of energy and then making ourselves stand for several minutes to have to read rather tacky dialogues while waiting to go into battle is a real torture that, moreover, is repeated after each mission. All in English, these sketches are a bad time to pass, which really doesn’t add anything to the title.

Updated Gameplaysaurus

But now that the presentations and the deployment are over, we are equipped and ready to stop this food riot. It will be with the help of a magic guitar that sends projectiles, we don’t really know how for Victoria and a portable baseball pitcher for Adrien. Suffice it to say that instead of: spider saurs, we wouldn’t be proud of. Especially since our shots are not counted and the shots will rain on them.

We are then confronted with what is initially a simple clone of contrary. We run, jump while holding the fire button to take out Spidersaurs coming from every part of the screen. Even the spinning jump of good oldies contrary is reused. The resemblance is even a bit painful when we understand that the right stick is the only stick used, and that it only has eight directions, which inevitably limits our precision and forces us to constantly adjust our position in order to hit our enemies. .

From the end of the tutorial level, we learn that after each level, we will gain a new power. It’s just a side effect of genetically modified meat, nothing to worry about. Among other things, we are offered: the possibility of clinging to the wall, then the possibility of performing a double jump or a dash. Really practical these genetic mutations, we will never say it enough.

We have two weapons at our disposal. If they are identical to the beginning of the level, we are allowed to customize them thanks to items that regularly fall to the floor, it is up to us to switch this one to obtain the weapon duo best suited to our method of killing. These weapons are not limited in ammunition, but as soon as we take damage, the one that is active disappears leaving us only our base weapon, it is of course extremely punishing and it is undoubtedly one of the title words of the masters of way forward : difficulty.

With only six worlds that, for the most gifted, each end in about ten minutes, the lifespan is quite low. To artificially increase it, every effort is made to make us lose lives. We have three hearts and three lives at the beginning of the level. Any contact with an enemy or one of his shots makes us lose a heart, while a fall makes us instantly lose a life, and we’ll come back to this later. This, combined with the only eight fire directions available, means we die regularly. Lucky for us, each level is split into two pieces, and after we defeat a mid-level boss, losing all our lives causes us to resume from that last spot. As a result, even the rust gathered on our joints of the venerable contrary secure super nintendo won’t have bothered us to finish spider saurs in just under three hours.

The little flaws we regret

As the to play knew how to take back what made the charm of contrary while dusting a bit, the technical part is questionable. First, let’s talk about the ability to play the entire title in two-player mode. It is in itself an excellent idea that would have allowed us to introduce this genre to the youngest. Unfortunately, the level scrolling, horizontally and especially vertically, is blocked. As a result, playing with a child who has not mastered this to playis a real ordeal that melts our lives every time one of the two players makes more than one jump, then drags their friend into the depths of the screen and into an automatic loss of life.

This is clearly our biggest regret of the title of way forward, each vertical section becomes an ordeal for two players, as these are always the hardest and most punishing moments, plus traps that jump in our faces without warning. It’s much more efficient to get rid of it as quickly as possible, which is quite easy as all monsters always have a little cooldown before launching their attack. The other lack of this two-player mode concerns the lack of difference between our two heroes. Outside chara design, Adrien and Victoria have the same moves, the same attacks and the same improvements. Nothing ever sets them apart joy cons in hand.

The last issue to point out before moving on to the positives concerns our ability to hang from the ceiling. This acrobatics is triggered automatically and requires no intervention on our part, unlike, for example, what the excellentissime Donkey Kong Land: Tropical Freeze. Excercise ! Our readers’ less right-handed readers will rejoice, except when we’re trying to dodge a shot in a low-ceilinged room, and suddenly we’re clinging to the ceiling without wanting to, it’s our legs making the attack that we lose a precious heart… it is much less practical. These losses are also very frustrating.

It’s all these little holes that accumulate and limit our gaming experience reassign the keys is painful, especially since the fire button, which we always hold, is on the B key, the jump is then easy to do with the Y key, but the dash becomes inaccessible with the A key. The graphics suffer from the same defect. Indeed, if they follow the graphic charter of way forward with shimmering colors and a very cartoonish design, they are generally less detailed than the very last ones Shantae.

We always have the unpleasant feeling of being confronted with a game for tablets, both in docked than nomadic. However, the variations in the decorations are pleasant, the sprites of our well-animated enemies and of very variable size, ranging from the little Spidersaurs that won’t bother us for long to the boss that only takes up half the screen. The soundtrack, signed Harumi Fujita, is perfect for warming up. From the first notes we are able to carry out our mission and the compositions that accompany us never leave a feeling of fatigue.



  • The graphics are colorful and neat…
  • The return of the eight-way shooter is a beautiful tribute to Contra…
  • The soundtrack, well paced, is always adapted to what we live
  • The gameplay is easy to understand and gets more complex as the skills are acquired
  • The challenge at each level is well balanced
  • The level design that combines horizontal and vertical stages is always well thought out


  • …but they lack details
  • …but it takes time to adapt
  • The dash button is hard to reach
  • It is not possible to reassign the keys
  • The lifespan is quite limited considering the price
  • Hanging automatically from the ceiling is often the source of problems
  • The two player game is painful in the vertical phases

Note detail

  • Graphics

  • Soundtrack

  • Gameplay

  • To work

  • story

  • Price / Lifetime

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