A couple adopts a 6-year-old child rejected by everyone: 12 years later, they discover the worst…

Having a child is for most couples the height of happiness. To taste this happiness has several couples who cannot reproduce access to adoption. Usually couples adopt young children. Patrick and Anna are exceptions, as they adopted a 6-year-old child. Everything went well until the child turned 18. When they are adults, the child’s past catches up with him and disturbs the whole family.

A fabulous meeting

Anna is a very bright young woman a good professional career. What was missing in her life was a loving husband and a child to build a family. She struggled to replicate her professional success in her love life.

By meeting Patrick during his trip to Argentina, this dream began to come true. It looks like a fairy tale! They were both on a trip to Argentina. When they return to the United States, they discover that their respective apartment were in the same city.

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Patrick worked as a fireman, a profession that Anna found noble. Romance entered their lives, and within a few months, a wedding is arranged. Only one thing was missing for Anna’s dream to be fulfilled: a child.

Patrick could not have children

Anna’s dream was to become an alpha woman with a successful career, a wonderful marriage and to have wonderful children. The last wish seems rather difficult to grant… After several months of relationship, Anna still does not get pregnant. It is with heartbreak that the two lovebirds discover that they could not have children biological.

It was actually Patrick and not Anna there was sterile. His seed could not cause a pregnancy. Even after dietary intervention to improve his sperm quality, nothing seemed to work. They have two choices: use a sperm donor or adopt. After giving themselves time to reflect, they decide to adopt.

The couple decides to adopt a child

Immediately after deciding to adopt, the couple contacted a social worker. The next day they visited a couple of orphanages. The choice is made as a young boy attracts the couple’s attention.

At that time they were about to enter the baby area, but seeing the baby was no longer necessary. The social worker who accompanied them saw this attraction and immediately began to introduce the child. It was the oldest in the orphanage.

For some unknown reason, he pulls out at the last minute every time someone wants to adopt him. The social worker explains that Billy had been at the orphanage since he was a baby, his mother is dead in a car accident. He is a child in perfect physical and mental health. However, there is no information about his father.

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After hearing this story, Anna was in tears. When she got home, she wondered why no one would adopt the child. Unable to find a logical answer, she chalks it up to an accident and calls the orphanage to start preparing the adoption process. A few days later, the papers are in order, and Anna and Patrick pick up the child. Everything goes well for 12 long years.

A letter disturbs the family

12 years after the adoption, Billy’s past resurfaces. A letter to him had arrived in the mailbox. Her adoptive parents thought it was a letter from college. Together, the family opens the post and discovers together surprise the sender.

The latter was Billy’s biological father. In the letter, he reveals his intention to contact his son. The problem is that this man named Patty O’Reilly is a member of the local mafia who had just served his 20 year sentence.

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He had just been released from prison and wanted to meet his son. His adoptive parents gave free choice to Billy, who was now of age. He decides to accept the meeting and invites his biological father to their home. Everything is going well, was Patty O’Reilly thank you for the good education and the love Anna and Patrick had given her son. He thanks them profusely.

It must be said that it is not a fairytalebut all’s well that ends well!

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