Children’s works exhibited in the Jacques-Coeur Palace in Bourges

From 19 to 29 July, ninety children and teenagers took part in the operation It’s my legacysupported by the Ministry of Culture and which the Jacques-Coeur Palace has joined since 2016, when the operation was called The gates of time.

The children came from the leisure centers of La Rottée or Les Millains, but also from the chancellery, Vierzon, Nérondes, Saint-Florent, Charost without forgetting the medical training institute of Nancay, one of the most faithful.

With ten children per structure, they came three times a week during these two weeks. “This allows them to better immerse themselves in the places, to make them feel at home. From the second day they know where they are going”, explains Aurore Proudhon, who is responsible for educational actions.

During the three days, they are first entitled to a visit to the monument. They then attend mosaic, pottery and coin workshops.

Friday morning again, it was crowded in the classroom depending on the arrival of the young people, especially those from the leisure center Rottée. Then it was time to choose pieces, be it mosaics, embossing pewter pieces, dried ceramics. Because this year’s theme is the art of fire in the Middle Agesin resonance with the exhibition Terra Incognita which puts the Jacques-Coeur Palace, the Capazza Gallery and the ceramic center of La Borne in the loop.

For most children, these three days are the first gates to this monument, which is the Jacques Coeur Palace, the end of which dates back to 1451.

A visit to the castle and the workshops is on the menu

“We welcome them during their holiday. During the three days, they first have the right to visit the monument. Then they participate in mosaic, ceramic and coin workshops”, explains the educational officer.
The guides are then supported by brokers Agnès Léger and Maelle Sinou and by two artists, Berruyère ceramist Nina Prot and Christophe Mion, from Baraterie en art de Lignières.

Every weekend a recovery took place. The biggest took place on Friday first in the afternoon, when it launched the exhibition that ends on September 19.

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“Children take a certain pride in exhibiting their works for most of the summer. We give them an ambassador’s passport, which allows them to come back with their parents for free,” adds Aurore Proudhon.

In operation, the association of Francas is a valuable help. She finds the groups, forms the animations at the beginning of July, brings a human and material logistics especially for the restitutions.

On Friday, the Francas set up their radio studio so that the children could “chat in the post” under the conditions of the professionals. “Some children want to come back from one year to the next, and we always have good feedback,” says Aurore Proudhon.

Practice. The exhibition is visible until September 19 at the Palais Jacques-Coeur. Until 30 August, the opening hours are from 10.00 to 12.45 and from 14.00 to 18.15. Prices 8 euros. Free for children under 18. With the Jacques-Coeur Privilege Pass for 5 euros, valid for one year in more than 30 places, individual price 6.50 euros (instead of 8 euros).


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