L’Indépendant offers you its weekly selection of books to discover this summer (5)

For this fifth delivery of books and comics to be devoured this summer, you will find a science fiction comic in which women, if allowed, a young girl who talks to an imaginary friend who takes the form of an animal, a fantastic tale of Indian mythology and robots that are too human. As for novels, don’t miss this story of working-class America at the beginning of the 20th century, this thriller by Valentin Musso about the risks of writing and finally meet on August 1, 2 and 3 in Collioure in the Pyrenees – Orientales to the stopover of the truck delivering paperbacks.

Raging Valkyries

Of all the versions of the future proposed by apocalypse scriptwriters, the one proposed by Sylvain Runberg and Anna Saveg in Patriarchy unfortunately seems very plausible. In the near future, a woman will therefore be elected president of the United States.

“Patriarchy” (volume 1), Caurette Editions, €14.95

A conservative who sends his country into a nuclear war with China. Soon the whole civilization collapsed. Above all, men reject all women who would be the cause of all their misfortunes. In a world where violence is the only law that matters, men rule. Women are just slaves.

However, there are communities that resist. Tingset’s entrenched camp is the most terrifying. But to ensure their survival, they kill all newborn males. Designed by Belen Ortega, Spanish illustrator, this super-violent cartoon is above all an opportunity to convey a few messages about equality in society. Present or future.

These women are terrifying and furious, they know how to defend themselves and equal the men when it comes to cruelty and swift justice.

“Patriarchy” (volume 1), Caurette Editions, €14.95

Working America

If the United States is for many the kingdom of capitalism, we must not forget that this young country has seen its share of labor uprisings. IN better daysJess Walter recounts the events that shook the city of Spokane, Washington, between 1909 and 1910. Thousands of vagabonds try to survive there by working for the mines or for the loggers.

Among them the Dolan brothers. Gig, the eldest and Rye, the youngest. The first has a class consciousness and militates in an openly communist union. The other just hopes to live peacefully in a small house with a steady job. A street demonstration will degenerate. Gig will be jailed, Rye too. He will discover the methods of the police and the private militias. Beaten, tortured, he took up the cause of the workers, his camp. But he will pay a high price.

This historical novel, a subtle mixture of fiction (the Dolan brothers) and reality (the social upheavals) is above all a testimony to the enormous strength of this solidarity, so strong among the poorest and most needy.

“Better Days” by Jess Walter, La Croisée Editions, €23

imaginary relief

Ana, a student, suffers from eco-anxiety attacks. A very recent illness. The young girl panics when she notices that humanity is perishing by mistreating the planet. Thus, in the middle of a session with her shrink, she notices that the general practitioner, who is nevertheless a great help to her, is using an aluminum pod coffee maker. This is enough to enrage Ana. From an early age she created an imaginary friend.

“The roommate”, Marabulles, €20.95

“The roommate”, Marabulles, €20.95
Mara bulls

A proteus, also called olm, cave salamander. This whitish creature lives with her in her room in the university residence. It is almost his only conversational partner. He assumes a humanoid form, interacts with it, but remains invisible to the rest of the world. Is Ana crazy? At least not when you understand why she had to invent this friend who is also a great help in her daily life.

Written by Pog, drawn by Séverine Lefebvre, The roommate friend, a graphic novel composed of short chapters, crescendoes into the bizarre. To finally give Ana the opportunity to live more harmoniously in this world that she fears.

Until he can live without his imaginary roommate. This unclassifiable album is a great life lesson.

“The roommate”, Marabulles, €20.95

Double novel

Conceived and written in the midst of confinement, The Man from the Grand Hotel by Valentin Musso is as unsettling as finding yourself locked up for long weeks in an F2 without a balcony. A double novel. We discover in the first chapter the awakening, in a luxurious room at the Grand Hotel of Cape Cod on the east coast of the United States, of a man as disoriented as the reader. He has no memory, no longer knows who he is, what he is doing there…

Over the pages, he learns that he is a famous author who has come to finish his new novel in peace. Change of venue for the sequel. In Boston, a young man struggles to become a writer. He writes his quirky stories on an old typewriter. Without success. Until he meets a beautiful actress. These two lives form the different chapters of this psychological novel, which teaches the reader a lot about the lives of writers, known or unknown.

At the end, the stories come together and we finally understand the connection between the best-selling author and Boston’s failure. A brilliant plot brought perfectly to its conclusion.

“The Man from the Grand Hotel” by Valentin Musso, Seuil, €19.90

Indian deities

In the 19the century, India, a vast subcontinent with several deities, is under the control of English colonists. The latter, in order to establish their rule, forbid the worship of these ancestral gods and goddesses. Then the resistance is organized because it is the country’s survival that is at stake.

“Arjuna”, Glénat, €19

“Arjuna”, Glénat, €19

Arjuna, a young local mercenary, prefers to help the occupier. She cashes in on her dexterity with the sword to kill the last Indian deities like Kali or Hanuman, the Monkey God. At the same time, the governor’s daughter, a sassy blonde who likes to run wild in Bombay’s slums, becomes pregnant. She would carry within her the new human form of Ravana, the god who wants to spread destruction on earth. As a result, the other gods and the English hunt her.

She is lucky to be protected by Arjuna (actually paid by the young woman’s father) and a lawless pirate.

Lots of adventure, battles and wonderful settings in this large format graphic novel written by Mathieu Mariolle, drawn by Laurence Baldetti and colored by Nicolas Vial.

“Arjuna”, Glénat, €19

comics. beautiful robots

Bekas and Munuera continue their amazing collaboration with this new sci-fi series for teenagers. They envisioned a world where robots would have become the slaves of humans.
To understand the origins of this universe, we discover the fusion relationship between young Iséa and his iron nanny, Debry. The latter, very attentive, plays the role of mother.

“Scrap hearts”, Dupuis, €13.50

“Scrap hearts”, Dupuis, €13.50

The true parent of Iséa, jealous, decides to get rid of Débry. Iséa will run away to try to find Debry, who would have taken refuge in a phantasmagoric city where humans and robots live freely and equally.
A very beautiful story of love and sacrifice with Cyrano de Bergerac in the background.

“Scrap hearts”, Dupuis, €13.50

Writers in Collioure

The stopover of the truck that delivers to Collioure has become a must during the summer on the Vermeille coast. The Pocket Book operation will again be present at the harbor on August 2nd and 3rd. Three authors are ready to meet regular or occasional readers.

Signing sessions, which should be a huge success because they are Bernard Werber (The ants ; latest news in your pocket, The planet of cats), Charline Malaval (The parrot’s song at Préludes, on Livre de Poche, September 7) and Marie-Charlotte François, author of youth literature, on Livre de Poche jeunesse.

It is the latter, who lives in Ariège, who has the latest news. Second volume of his romance More than friends was released on July 6. The youngest will be fascinated by the complicated love affairs between Jade, the narrator, and Cameron, a model.

And before the truck arrives, on Monday 1 August at 17:30 at the Le Mondial cinema, Bernard Werber will hold a masterclass conference. Free entry, but you must book on eventbrite.fr!

The truck delivering to Collioure on August 2nd and 3rd at the port, autographs by the authors from 15.00 to 18.00.

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