“We will see if it is a fight that counts for butter”

Despite quite positive comments from the main players, Amiens SC showed far too many limits in Metz (3-0) to avoid an initial defeat. But far from being alarming, Philippe Hinschberger believes that this result is above all the fruit of the opposing strike force. Maintenance.

Philippe, was the step too high for Amiens SC?

On the net result, yes, clearly. 3-0 is a flawless score. Afterwards, on the statistics, Metz has four shots on target and scores three goals, we have four and we score zero goals. I have two regrets about this match. What happened in the first twenty minutes, we felt it, we had guessed it, and that Metz opened the scoring at this point, it is not illogical, nor was it the problem. But we made a rookie mistake in the 44th, we defended like thirteen-year-olds in the 48th and the game was over. My first regret is conceding goals like that, especially the second one, which hurt us a lot just before the break. My other regret is that we didn’t score at least one goal. We still have situations, at least three clear chances to score a goal. We could have softened the score when it was almost closed in the 48th minute.

You pretty much only admitted mistakes….

The first no, but the second, you can’t do that against that kind of team, you’re not right. We need to mature, we need to stop doing such bullshit. The third, there is a slide from Nicholas (Opoku) and it continues behind. This goal is painful to watch with the way we defend. I don’t think Metz will take such a goal. We tried, we lacked offensive emphasis in the first half, that’s clear. Our first call to dive deep came in the 24th minute! This game should inspire us. We didn’t weigh much, but we have as many shots on target as Metz, who took three. They don’t have fifty chances. We must score through Tolu and Leautey. These are great opportunities!

Not everything should be thrown away, but seeing Amiens SC start with such a setback inevitably hurts…

Afterwards we are in Metz. If everyone comes to win here, I can say it’s a bad operation. We’ll see in a few weeks if it’s a game that doesn’t count. If everyone loses here, it will be the case, and if everyone comes to win in Saint-Symphorien, it will be a bad operation. Scoring is heavy, I would have liked us to score one or two goals, especially in the second half.

We knew we would be pushed around, but I thought we would be better off.

We still saw you in great defensive difficulties in the first half hour…

You have animals in front! Ibrahima Niane and Jallow I launched them in Ligue 1 in 2017. They are no strangers hanging around there. Niane has been here for five years. The three behind him played an entire season in the Belgian first division last year. They don’t come from nowhere! They have very good players and have a lot of diving from the forwards. Whenever a player has the ball at their feet, they make calls. It doesn’t work all the time, but it always puts pressure on.

Does that mean there is therefore a gap between the two numbers?

There is not a gap, but Metz come down from Ligue 1 with boys returning from the Belgian first division loan, a championship at a good level with a lot of intensity. I am not surprised by the start of this Metz team.

But are you surprised by your team?

We knew we would be pushed around but I thought we would come out better thanks to our organisation, our passing game and the ability to play between their lines. We did some technical fishing. Afterwards, you have to admit that we didn’t have much time to play, and when that happens, you do stupid things. When you also concede a goal in the 44th and 48th, you bend your kids.

Interview by Romain PECHON with Adrien ROCHER

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