14 children with 14 different fathers: this mother was elected alimony champion!

When you think you’ve seen it all, the Internet will surprise you with strange unusual stories. The case of this woman is surprising and sad at the same time. She made a remarkable entry in the Record Book. And with good reason, the mother would have had her 14 children with 14 different men.

Netizens had blamed her for bringing so many children into the world just for alimony. She was also widely criticized for her lifestyle for having 14 partners. All these judgments are based on the facts that an article had cited. Back to this story fraudulent who made the buzz.

A remarkable entry in the Record Book

This story became famous when World News Daily Report shared one “new record”. According to the article, a woman named Marie Leclerc broke the child support record. This Parisienne would be the mother of 14 children from 14 different parents. To raise them, she would receive a pension from the 11 fathers.

There is something that shocks internet users. The article has since served its purpose the story went viral. The information has been doing rounds on the social networks when it is a hoax of the website. The lady quoted in the article does not exist at all. Actually this story is based on fiction as none of it is true.

When the newspaper Le Monde did an investigation, they did discovered the truth. The image the site used as an illustration was of a woman holding her baby in her arms. This woman really exists, but it is not Marie Leclerc. She’s not even French. She is an American named Karena Bennett.

The picture is real a picture of her and her baby taken a few years ago. The snap was in an article talking about the first baby born in 2015 at Milford Hospital in the US. Since the publication of the article about the fake record, the mother’s life has become a living hell.

Mother of children who have been bullied

This fake news had a huge impact on the life of the family in the picture. Because of this story, the mother had to deal with the anger of some Internet users. They did not know the truth, but they called the mother one “venal woman”.

© Facebook/abc7chicago

Karena Bennett’s grandmother spoke to the press and said what is going on ” disgusting “. The press immediately believed the website’s story without doing any research. Since netizens poured their hate on the mother of the family, she had to go through one “painful trial”.

Going through the show “Inside Edition”Karen Bennett recreated the truth on this case. She also revealed the true face of internet users. She had to endure harassment with aggressive messages from internet users. Some judged her physique to say all the bad things about her. Among the comments, some went so far as to say soshe deserves to be “killed”.

The sad story of Karena Bennett reminds us of thatyou must not believe everything you read on the internet. Websites should verify their source before sharing information. You should also think twice before harassing someone on the Internet. And this, even less for reasons based on false information.

The article about the 14 children reminds us of the story of another mother. Actually a woman of British origin, mother of 12 childrenawaiting his 13th.

Cheryl Prudham and her children
Source: mariefrance.fr

A mother who is addicted to children

Cheryl Prudham is a British mother who is pregnant with her 13th child. His 12 children come from 3 different fathers. Recently she met a young man named Lee Ball. The latter is the father of the child growing inside her.

The couple takes care of all these children with state support. A big boost, amounting to 47,000 euros per year. With the arrival of this little 13th, parents will be able to receive nothing less than 834 euros. So parents can save almost 4,000 euros on taxes.

Asked about the situation, the mother of the family confirms that she finds no harm in it benefit from social assistance.

“They were created for this purpose,” she told the media.

As for the number of children, Cheryl Prudham doesn’t seem to want to stop there. The mother confided that she would be “addicted to babies” and it’she wants more.

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