2035: Satoshi is sent to the past to save Europe with Bitcoin [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world look like in 2035? – Our favorite cryptos will they be gone or will they be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through little stories, imagining our world in the not-so-distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, without any pretense of guessing the future. Have fun with us and dive in our new summer format. Board the DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

ITER, Europe’s secret project

3 January 2035, D-Day, at 08.00 – Stéphane leaves his small house in Vinon-sur-Verdon aboard his old Model S You are here, reminiscent of a once-dominant American empire. Now these are BRICS that rules the world. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

8:10 a.m. – As usual, Stéphane stops in the parking lot of La Fabrique bakery to buy his morning croissant.

– Hi Stefan! Here is your croissant.

Stéphane takes a few francs out of his pocket. Yes, the franc became the national currency of France again aftereuro failure and the disintegration of Europe. When you think about iteuro was a utopia. Or at least Europe has not reached the end of its ambitions. For every country that wanted to preserve its national sovereignty, the euro failed to bring together societies with very different lifestyles.

This common currency also stripped countries of the power to play independently of others on exchange rates to keep their own balance of trade afloat….

Is the euro a project doomed to failure from the start?

8:20, Cadarache – Stéphane goes through the entrance control to the ITER research center and goes to his reserved place right next to the gates of the complex.

“Hey Clear.

“Hello Mr. Latouche!” replied the landlady.

Stéphane swallows his croissant in two mouthfuls as he meanders through the corridors and validates the many security gates with his badge.

11:30 a.m. – A string of pearlsquantum computers flash in a dark room. Stéphane, focused, makes the final adjustments.

– Then it’s the big day!

Stephane jumps.

“Of course, Paul. Don’t bother me. Imagine I miss a setting? Albert, turn on the generator, Stéphane orders, addressing his apprentice.

Stéphane is stressed. And despite his apparent relaxation, so is Paul. It’s not every day you try to change the past. Recent discoveries have succeeded in demonstrating the existence of connections connecting the past and the future at certain points in space-time.

Stéphane programs the final preparations to send the Satoshi Nakamoto software to the past.

Today ITER project, for Interdimensional Transportation in Extra Realities, is being completed. And the stakes are high. Replay the story. By changing the past, the future could be rewritten. Very little. Enough to influence the present. The European states would regain their dominance over the world. A sweet dream.

Otherwise, they will gradually be relegated to the rank of spectators of the world economy, bought up by BRICS. Stéphane did not want this future. ITER had arrived on time.

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Satoshi and Bitcoin, the last hope

D-Day, 14:37 – The computer software 5AT05H1 – NAKA – Mod AUTO is downloaded to the quantum generator.

— Let’s go, Stéphane mutters to his colleague Paul.

This one, more talkative that morning, does not answer.

Europe’s hopes rest on this operation, which has been tirelessly prepared for years by their team in utmost secrecy. A budget as colossal as the press approved. Infinite. After five minutes of endless waiting, the screen turns green.

Connection confirmed! Sending the program… Beep… Beep… Beep… OK!

D-Day, 4:30 p.m

— Well, let us hope that the Europe of the past is enlightened enough to use Bitcoin !

“They won’t have a choice,” Stephane replied.

Paul nods.

The only hope to find a strong Europe would be to unite the EU countries around a universal currency like Bitcoin.
Europe Clustered Around Bitcoin, A Possible Alternative Future?

— Let’s move on to the next step. After teleporting computer programs, teleporting people.

— Make room for the 31N-5T31N project, says Paul with conviction.

— Actually, the deadline is set for October 2050. Albert, do you feel ready to take a small leap to 1905? Stéphane asks his apprentice.

31 October 2008, London, at 18.05. – Some apartments in an anonymous street.

In a dark room, computer screens light up. A program from the future launches itself.

A word page opens and words are born: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System…”

18:10 – The addresses of Cryptography mailing listwhich brings together a number of experts in the sector, is copied in an e-mail.

“I have been working on a new electronic cash system that is fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party…

The magazine is available at: http://www.bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

“I was working on a new electronic money system that works peer-to-peer, without the need for a trusted third party…

The concept proposal is available at this link: http://www.bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

Satoshi Nakamoto »

With energy shortages and inflation in 2022, Europe is undoubtedly weakened. The conclusion is there. Unlike the US and their policy of increasing rates aimed atcurb inflation, Europe has its hands tied. In fact, the implementation of similar measures will cause certain countries to default on the payment of their debts. Faced with these great challenges, in the absence of solutions, the weakened European powers could see the emergence of serious competitors in the person of the BRICS, some of which, like China, have an influence on the international scene that is not already more to demonstrate . What to do then? Go back to fix our mistakes and do things differently? What if we started on the right foot now in 2022? Because it might be less easy to replay the past in our future reality in 2035 than through this little story.

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