3 Reasons That Make It The Best Competitor In Smash Bros.

Still in beta phase, multiverseWarner’s fighting game has already shown its huge potential. Super Smash Bros. ultimate finally has a serious competitor.

Difficult if not impossible to compete with a franchise like Super Smash Bros.. Launched in 1999 on Nintendo 64, then available on any of Nintendo’s consoles, the series posted an astronomical total of 69.45 million units sold. With numbers like that on the counter, it seemed obvious that clones of the fighting game made in Big N would eventually see the light of day.

Many publishers have tried to imitate the formula Smash Bros., by going there with its own local stars, and by picking up its gameplay mechanics that are both very accessible, but deep enough to stimulate the desire to always come back to it. But these cloning attempts have rarely led to anything relevant.

la fight for the title of best fighting game

On the honor roll are almost successful attempts PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale from Sony on PS3 and PS Vita and BrawlOut from Angry Mob Games, while the bottom of the ranking is occupied by the brawl from Ubisoft and the illustrious Nickelodeon All Star Brawl. Even when Warner announced the launch of multiversehis own fighting game Smash Bros.. exploiting the Warner licenses, the public was wary.

Between a cartoon look that wasn’t unanimous, a cast of disparate characters, and a heralded free-to-play model, nothing predestined multiverse to success. And yet, while the title is currently in open beta, it’s clear: once the beast is in hand, it’s clear: fun, accessible, funny, the game is a success. Here is the three reasons why multiverse is already the most serious competitor of Smash Bros. ultimate

Multiverse: Photoyoun cast heterogeneous to say the least

3 – A game tailor-made for e-sports

multiverse doesn’t hide his main desire: to impose himself on the fighting game’s esports scene. Focused entirely on multiplayer, the title amazes with the quality of life it offers. If there is a single-player mode, consisting of a “Lab” mode that serves as a place of training, and a mode for local battles against characters controlled by the game’s AI, the real heart of the Warner is -game the online multiplayer mode.

The title suggests fight online or locally in three main game modes : a one-on-one duel mode, a free-for-all mode where four players compete, an AI duel mode where two players team up against two bots, and finally the biggest piece: the battle in teams of two against two.

Multiverse: Photo“Land get ready to ruuuuubleee!”

For a game still in beta, multiverse impresses with its stability and ergonomics when making matches and its online structure. Creating rooms is very easy and the matchmaking is fast, smooth and very efficient. A player level system has been created to allow matches between users of the same experience.

It is important to add that the game developed by Player First Games is completely cross-play, which means that it is possible to meet players on all platforms where the game is available, namely PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series and Microsoft Windows. An excellent thing, because it allows you to have a very large number of users, without being limited by any platform.

This allows the game provide the ideal breeding ground for esports competition, as anyone can fight, progress, learn in an ideal, perfectly designed online structure. At the moment the ranked matches are not yet available, but they will of course be accessible once the final version of the title is online.

Multiverse: PhotoSpoiler: Bugs Bunny is a big brute

2 – Easy to learn, hard to master

From the first connection to multiverse, the title leaves no choice to the player and automatically launches a well-designed and thoughtful tutorial. This is clear and complete, and allows newcomers who have never got their hands on a fighting game to understand the overall gameplay of the title. To win, the principle is the same as: Smash Bros. : Throw the opponent out of the ring by increasing his ejection speed. To do this, there is only one solution: to beat him up.

A street fighter or a king of fighters require a lot of investment on the part of new players to get to grips with a character and to master special moves launched by more or less complex manipulations (quarter circles or semicircles on the directional cross, held once direction, linked to press attack button…). Widely adopted from Super Smash Bros., the game of multiversus want to be as accessible as possible for instant pleasure.

Multiverse: Photolthe thrill of the first win

The joystick is used to control the character on the screen, one button is for jumping, one button for dodging, two buttons for simple attacks and special attacks, and the masses are said. But more accessible doesn’t mean less in-depth. If a second optional tutorial is available, which will take you further in hero mastery, it is through the game experience that the player will fully understand the intricacies of the game and traits specific to each of the characters in the cast.

A Batman does not play the same way as JakeAdventure Time, who has a very different approach to fighting than Bugs Bunny. To reinforce the fact that team duels are the strong point of the game, a synergy system between characters was developed by Players First Games. Each hero has a protection, assist, or boost skill to apply to their teammate, which can turn the tide of a match. The experience helps, it will be necessary to think carefully about the composition of the teams, according to these synergies to overcome.

Multiverse: PhotoExample of synergy with Steven Universe protecting Superman

1 – a pop culture orgy

In addition to the accessibility and the immediately fun character of multiverseone of his greatest qualities is: the casting resembles childish fantasies. The title offers 17 characters in its starting stable, from multiple franchises. By Arya Stark Game of Thrones to Sammy and Vera from Scooby Doo via LeBron James from Space Jam New Era and Batman, hard to be picky, and there’s an almost unstoppable air of regressive fun to the game.

If the very cartoonish and colorful character design surprises at first glance, it has been designed with great care and has allowed a standardization of all characters to give a cohesive and solid graphic whole. In fact, it’s the attention to detail given to each person’s personality that surprises. Sammy can throw sandwiches at his enemies when Wonder Woman uses her lasso and Garnet plays on it Mazinger-Zall in a cheerful organized mess.

Multiverse: PhotoyouOne very diverse cast for so many fighting styles

Nintendo had managed to meet a host of video game stars Smash Bros. ultimate, with Snake from metal gearryu van street fighterkazuya or to draw or Sephiroth of FF7. multiverse can rely on parent company Warner’s licensing to expand its cast in the coming months and years. rick and morty will be present in the final version of the game, and there are rumors of the imminent arrival of black adamfrom Gandalf or Lord of the Ringsfrom Neo from Matrix and from Scorpion and Sub-Zero or deadly fight.

The potential for the roster to evolve is absolutely huge, and no doubt Warner Bros. will gladly add a maximum of fighters of all its licenses as the mayonnaise multiverse takes from the players.

Multiverse: PhotoEwe even have Sammy Super Saiyan

A few unknowns remain on the counter. For now, though Warner has confirmed the free-to-play model for multiverse, only the prices of the starter packs are known, ranging from €39.99 to €99.99, depending on the number of in-game tokens and the number of automatically unlocked characters. The prices applied to a single unlockable character are not yet known as the online store is currently disabled.

multiverse is currently available in a beta version. This should continue until the title’s official launch, which should take place on August 9, the launch date of the game’s first official season.

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