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Another great victory against Captain Hook and his crew!

Wednesday 17 August

Peter Pan and the Pirate Princesses, show for children

While the latter is working on a new diabolical plan, a mysterious pirate appears. After playing her sword, she reveals her identity: her name is Jenny Red Hands, Captain Hook’s little-known daughter! She takes over her old father’s place and finally escapes Peter Pan. For this, she gathers a crew of fairy princesses, eager to live a new adventure. She will team up with Tinker Bell, who will turn away from the one she loves…

All these crazy adventures will force Peter Pan and Captain Hook to team up to restore order in the imaginary land.

Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at

Thursday 18 August

Franck Carducci and The Fantastic Squad, rock

Carducci, like a master of ceremonies, directs his Rock’n Roll Circus, with each of his musicians embodying a facet of his music. Nothing explains that a 12-string guitar neck is grafted onto a bass, nothing suggests that a powerful guitar riff accompanies a sulphurous belly dance, or that a Mellotron solo leads to a didgeridoo duel. Even smaller than Achilles, guitar and sword in hand, kidnaps a sensual Alice from her Wonderland. And yet they grab you, take you in their hollow hands, and you don’t leave them until the very last note of the concert. Not a single second of respite will be given to your senses, and the extravagance of these colorful characters reveals a place where dreams are kings, emotions are queens and eras cross without borders.

Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at

Friday, August 19

Wooden games, family games

Fifteen different wooden games await YOU for wild games with family or friends. Pinball, ring throwing or table football, children and adults can enjoy a pleasant time on the seafront.

Esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny from 19.30.

Sunday, August 21

Instant of Lights, pyrotechnic surprises

A burst of colored lights once the sun has set for a break of wonder during the Craft Market.

Promenade of the Sea at 10:30 p.m.

Monday, August 22

Zumba Party, sporty and friendly time

Put on your sneakers and grab your bottle of water to join this Zumba night with Nathalie.

Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at

Tuesday, August 23

ZIA, Soul Funk concert

For more than ten years, the group Zia, consisting of three musicians and a singer, has revisited the biggest standards of 70s rock, funk and soul with personality. Joal’s divine and husky voice will transport you to the sweet melodies of these festive musical eras. A fair and exquisite interpretation, a quartet full of mischief, a sweet evening awaits us.

Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at

Wednesday, August 24

Wyvern, alternative progressive rock concert filled with electro

Wyvern is composed of 4 young musicians who want to experience a unique progressive Rock-Metal. An unstable alchemy of very powerful sounds, silky atmospheres and captivating melodies. Wyvern invites you on a journey through a musical odyssey.

Esplanade Sainte Estelle at

Thursday, August 25

Music by the crews of the fleet, orchestra of the French navy

The Fleet Crew Band is the oldest French military band. Made up of 75 professional musicians, graduates of the great French conservatoires superiors, this formation contributes to the cultural influence of the French Navy by preserving the French musical heritage for brass bands. A privileged moment offered by SNSM from Cavalaire.

Esplanade Sainte Estelle at

Monday, August 29

Introduction to Salsa, with Marta

Salsa in Spanish means “spicy charm”. It is a dancing musical genre that is the result of a mixture of Cuban sounds, Caribbean or American music with jazz and blues sounds. Marta, teacher at Cavalaire, will introduce you for an evening to a few steps of this swaying dance in lively and catchy tempos.

Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at

At the end of the season, the tourist office organizes aperitif concerts offered to the public at 18.00 on the Esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny. Come and enjoy these privileged moments at sunset over a drink while listening to talented artists.

Tuesday, August 30

R. Vintage, French and international varieties

Covers revisited with “R. Vintage” sauce that goes from Rock’N Roll to today. Crescendo and festive, this cheerful band promises an excellent moment at the start of the evening.

Esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny at

Tuesday, September 6

On Stage, French and international varieties

Covers revisited with “R. Vintage” sauce ranging from rock n’ roll to today. Crescendo and festive, this cheerful band promises an excellent moment at the start of the evening.

Esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny at

Tuesday, September 13

Papy and The Chics Filles, French and international varieties

This ultra-friendly group, from the Bay of Saint-Tropez, consists of Chics Filles, Coralie and Sara, who are accompanied by Papy Pierrot. Together they distill good mood and good music by taking up the standards of French and international singing.

Esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny at

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