How do you look after your children at the start of the school year?

With each new school year, parents of young children must organize themselves to coordinate their working hours with their children’s school or nursery school hours. We give you some tips to find solutions.

The start of the 2022 school year takes place on Thursday 1 September.

Whether it is during the week, the day or outside of school or during the school holidays, at the end of the summer it will be necessary to create an organization for childcare.

We invite you to consult our file on childcare solutions. You will find valuable information about the different childcare methods:

  • nurse
  • certified day care provider
  • nanny at home
  • AU couple
  • shared custody
  • municipal nursery, parental nursery and company nursery

For looking after children, there are many aids (PAJE etc.) that reduce costs.

8 tips for finding childcare solutions

Here are some tips for back-to-school childcare:

  • Many students offer their services to look after children, but they often return later (at the end of September or in October). Do not hesitate to create a provisional organization in September and find the right organization for the school year from October.
  • Multiply the cords: Finding a place in a nursery is often an impossible mission. It is preferable to dig several leads at the same time: request for a place in a nursery, contact with day care providers and search for a nanny.
  • Contact the agencies specializing in childcare in your municipality. You can benefit from a reduction or tax credit of 50%. If your child is under 6 years old, you are also entitled to PAJE.
  • Post a want ad describing what your need is and giving as much detail as possible. A well-written ad can make you want to answer: first name and age of the children, schooling, activities…
  • Don’t hesitate to combine several solutions: Your child’s school may offer daycare in the morning and late afternoon. For example, you can drop off your child at daycare in the morning and find someone to pick him up after class or a little later. The days may be longer for the child, but this solution can allow you to avoid having to find a solution over a longer period of time and reduce costs.
  • Don’t hesitate to regroup with other families. Shared custody is one way to reduce the bill if you find another family that agrees to share a nanny. For after-school, it is possible to organize with neighbors whose children go to the same school and share the babysitter who can pick them up, take care of the snack and possibly let them do homework together if the children are in the same school. grade.
  • Do not hesitate to contact specialized agencies that can take care of the recruitment of the person who can look after your children and take care of all procedures (declaration, assistance from CAF, etc.).
  • Word of mouth: word of mouth is still a good way to find childcare.

What are the solutions for finding childcare?

Here are some ways to find childcare:

  • Websites specializing in childcare: aladom, nanny top, yoopies…
  • Job ads: it is possible to post an ad on Pôle Emploi or another job site
  • The town halls, CCAS (Communal Center for Social Action) and Youth Information Point (PIJ) can offer childcare solutions in your municipality (list etc.)
  • Classified ads in stores or schools: several stores (supermarkets, bakeries, etc.) allow those who offer their services or parents to place an ad.
  • Facebook group: many local groups allow you to post an ad
  • Word of mouth: talking about your search to the students’ parents, your friends, your neighbors, your work colleagues can help you find a babysitter.

Babysitters who want to find children to look after can post a free ad on our site. This will allow you to be contacted by parents looking for solutions or by agencies recruiting daycare providers.

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