Inflatable Stretcher: A student invents an innovative inflatable stretcher that can also be used as a splint!

In the event of accidents in places that are difficult to reach, such as mountains or gorges, the emergency services often experience difficulties in caring for the victims. The stretchers the emergency services have are all rigid and you need to be able to get them to the scene of the accident and get the victim back up in the best possible conditions. Helicopter evacuations are often preferred, but sometimes the victim only needs to be educated thanks to the coordination of the human team… A student of Shih Chien University in Taiwan, Yu-Hsin Wu, invented an inflatable stretcher that tightly wraps the patient with multiple straps that protect him from falling when doctors transport him to the ambulance. Discovery.

What is this invention?

The stretcher invented by the Taiwanese student appears to be collapsible and movable, which could make the delivery of equipment for rescue workers much easier. This innovative stretcher can therefore be inflated using an air pump when it needs to be used, closer to the victim. This compact, lightweight and easy to assemble and use inflatable stretcher is in contrast to the common stretchers used by healthcare facilities today, which are stiff, heavy and sometimes difficult to maneuver in steep places.

An inflatable stretcher that tightly wraps the patient with multiple straps. Photo credit: Golden Pin Design Award / Yu-Hsin Wu

How did this invention come about?

The inflatable stretcher appears to be part of an emergency kit called the First Aid Kit and comes in the form of a recognizable first aid kit thanks to its easily recognizable red and white colors. It is designed to be used to rescue injured people in various types of accidents or in emergency situations such as natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.). It also enables interventions in patients at home, or in remote places like the mountains for example.

“If an accident happens, the rescuer’s emotions and stress may not be able to perform a proper rescue. The inflatable stretcher integrates ambulance supplies and fixed equipment, it is expected that when an incident occurs, it can be quickly taken in the form of a bag and calmly follow the instructions on the stretcher to save properly. ” WU,YU-HSIN

How does it work?

The stretcher, once inflated, envelops the patient and protects him from possible falls. It also makes it possible to immobilize the patient so that he does not suffer the vagaries of transport, which could aggravate the injuries. The first aid kit also has many compartments to carry all the equipment needed for proper patient care…

With the stretcher there is therefore a classic first aid box ready for use. The designer also thought of printing a warning on the side of the bag to remind users what to do when approaching a difficult situation. An image explains step by step the procedure to follow in case of an emergency. The savior can too assess the severity of injuries from drawings and what to do.

A first aid box is included in the design of the inflatable stretcher
A first aid kit is included in the design of the inflatable stretcher. Photo credit: Golden Pin Design Award / Yu-Hsin Wu

As can be seen in the prototype presented, the emergency services can include gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, scissors, cotton swabs, masks, etc. in the kit. The second kit is called an inflator and is therefore used to inflate the stretcher, but also to protect the injured arm or leg in the event of a bone fracture. The stretcher can therefore also be used as a splint foldable to protect a limb even if the patient does not need to use the stretcher. More information: Inflatable Stretcher

A vacuum splint.
A vacuum splint. Photo credit: Golden Pin Design Award / Yu-Hsin Wu

Another model made by Zhangjiagang Medi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

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