Lucas Méjanès bit the apple in the land of the clover

Landed at the age of 23 in Ireland, the young Aveyronnais entered Apple by accident. After six years in Cork, he plans to return home, this time accompanied by Paula, his Brazilian partner.

“I was born here, in Cassagnes-Comtaux.” Lucas Méjanès was born in 1993 in his parents’ house, in this pretty hamlet in the town of Goutrens, on the Clairvaux hills. After school in the village, then in Escandolières, he continued his education at the Georges-Rouquier college in Rignac before entering Monteil secondary school in Rodez in 2008 for a second general and then a first professional section “electronics”.

“But I didn’t like it,” he admits. Limoges directorate and radical change of sector for a pro baccalaureate degree “Communication and printing industry” at the Lycée Maryse-Bastié. This is followed by two years of BTS, a diploma obtained in 2013 at the same high school.

Arrived in Ireland at 23

After a sabbatical (“I wanted to travel”), Lucas Méjanès started in 2015 with a professional license “Packaging design for wine and spirits” in Cognac. “One of the best years I’ve had,” he recalls. “It was as part of this FS Pack license, in April 2016, that I did an internship in Ireland,” he continues. I wanted an English-speaking country, the English language has always motivated me.” And so it was that young Aveyronnais, then 23 years old, landed in Cork, in the south of the Republic of Ireland, the second largest city in the country after Dublin, with its 124,000 intramural inhabitants.

He became a member of the “Cork print makers”, an art printing company. These two and a half months pass very quickly and Lucas has to return to France and Cognac in June to defend the oral hearing of his internship and thus validate his license. A formality. But he misses Ireland. “I didn’t want to stay in France. I would have liked to be hired, but it’s a very small company. So I offered to volunteer.”

The experience lasts eight months during which Lucas practices English and makes more and more plans to settle down. “I lived on my savings until April 2017. But I had to find a job, with a salary…”. The meeting with a Frenchman during a promising evening (!) will then be decisive. “He sent my resume to Apple, whose European headquarters is in Cork,” says the 30-year-old, who admits to having always loved the technology and products of the American electronics giant. “Two weeks later I started as a technical advisor.

“A not too exciting job, he admits, which consists of technical assistance, over the phone or via chat, for owners of products from the Apple brand, the famous “Apple Care”. In November 2020, Lucas joined the he- team that powers Siri, the speech-based personal assistant built into Apple devices. improve the tool.” “A robotic work to make artificial intelligence more humane, he admits. It’s very exhausting.”

Desire to return to the land

After six years in Ireland, five of which at Apple, Lucas Méjanès, who has been in a relationship for five years with Paula, a thirty-year-old Brazilian like him, who holds a master’s degree in finance, now plans to return to France. “I’ve come to the end of something,” he admits. Admittedly, “Ireland is a very pleasant country where you feel safe and where the people are nice, respectful and hospitable,” Lucas notes. But when it comes to food, I struggle to find good products, notes de Aveyronnais. .

And in Cork “rents are just as expensive as in Paris”. “In France, I could already see myself living in an average city. I really liked Limoges when I was a student.” The studies exactly, the thirty-somethings plan to resume them in the audiovisual sector. Especially in sound design. It remains to be seen which drop point he will choose. And Aveyron? “It is true that the quality of life is good here,” he smiles.

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