Mother of 22 children, she washes 18 kilos of laundry a day and spends all her money on groceries!

It is a fact that Rodford family is the largest family in England. A total number 22 children filled with happiness Sue and Noel. On the other hand, fatigue is felt on a daily basis. Between cleaning and shopping, their everyday life is worthymilitary training. The mother confides that she does more than 3 hours of cleaning daily, washing 18 kilos of laundry.

22 children and a mother full of joy and work

In total, the incredible family consists of 22 children, one of whom, Alfie, died in 2014. Here are the others:

  • Chris: 32 years old
  • Sophie: 27 years old
  • Chloe: 25 years old
  • Jack: 24 years old
  • Daniel: 22 years old
  • Luke: 20 years
  • Millie: 20 years old
  • Katie: 18 years old
  • James: 17 years old
  • Ellie: 16 years old
  • Aimee: 15 years old
  • Josh: 14 years old
  • Max: 13 years old
  • Tilly: 12 years old
  • Oscar: 9 years old
  • Casper: 8 years
  • Hallie: 5 years
  • Phoebe: 4 years old
  • Bonnie Raye: 3 years
  • Archie 3 years old
  • Heidi: 2 years

You can imagine that so many children at home fill parents with happiness. But one thing is for sure, they are too filled with domestic duties. On social networks, Sue Radford, mother of these 22 children, gave unprecedented confidence.

On her Instagram and YouTube account, she admits to extending nothing less than 18 kilos of line per dayr. To make the comparison, an average French family with a dependent child washes less than 1 kg of laundry per day.

3 hours of cleaning per day

In addition to this huge and exhausting laundry, the mother uses more than 3 hours rest time weekday. Between vacuuming and cooking, she admitted on social networks that she spends more than 3 hours daily cleaning.

The father too busy, because to these domestic duties come considerable expenses. It should be noted that it is difficult for the mother to work. You can’t trust a babysitter with 22 children.

That is why the family man has to work hard to feed more than 22 mouths.

40,000 euros per year in the running

To provide for the family’s food needs, Sue and her husband Noel spend a significant amount for the races.

The mother of the family did not hesitate to reveal their expenses. In a year only for food, family spend 40,000 euros. Fortunately, the Radford family pulls together and receives more helpers.

However, these aids are not a sure bet. And to maintain an average standard of living, the family has more than one string to the bow. Already Radford’s has a shop with savory pies. The mother, even in the face of her many daily tasks, has found a way to earn money.

She is very famous on social networks, especially on Instagram, where she publishes several photos of her extraordinary family. She has that too own YouTube account which currently has around 470,000 subscribers. In addition, she participates in a program called “16 children and more”.

After all, the mother of the family had confided to the Daily Mail four years ago that she and her husband had difficulty doing activities. In fact, doing it with all their children at the same time requires a very significant budget.

“We like going to the cinema, especially during the holidays. The children are a bit bored and there is not much else to do. But it can go up to 10 euros per person, so it can quickly become very expensive! explained the mother.

The family is still growing!

At 48, it’s not impossible to have children, but rest assured it’s not Sue Radford who’s pregnant. It is Millie, their 20-year-old daughter already mother for two years now. That is, the family took one more child. In any case, the lineage is clearly secured!

The world record for the largest number of children born to one person, officially recorded, attributed to Fyodor Vasiliev. She is the first wife of a Russian painter, and their family consists of 67 children. She had them between 1725 and 1765.

This mother gave birth to twins sixteen times, seven times triplets and four times quadruplets. This is a feat that commands respect.

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