She falls in love with her daughter’s husband during their honeymoon, what happens next is shocking!

Between Lauren Wall and her mother, something probably broken forever. The 30-year-old would never have believed that the one who gave birth to her could betray her like this. Despite everything, she still agrees to attend her mother’s wedding to her ex-husband.

Lauren Walls and Paul White’s romance

The relationship between Lauren Wall and Paul White began over a decade ago. The two met at a pub located in the town of Twickenham. At the time, Lauren was only 19 years old. After succumbing to the young woman’s charms, Paul asked her for her phone number.

The very next day he sent her a text to invite her to the cinema. An invitation that Lauren Wall has obviously accepted. Thus began their romance. Soon after, Lauren learned that she is became pregnant with Paul. Their daughter was born in March 2004 and made her parents happy.

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Five months after the birth of their child, Lauren and Paul said to each other ” Yes “ in front of the mayor. It is also the young woman’s mother, Julie, who paid for the wedding. Lauren’s mother had spent 17,000 euros for the ceremony.

Gratefully, her daughter returned a favor by inviting her to join them on their honeymoon. But weeks later, things took an unfortunate turn.

Betrayed by his own mother

At no point did Lauren Wall think there would be anything between her husband and her mother. She claimed they got on very well and it wasn’t a problem for Lauren at all. The latter thought it was “simply friendly”.

At that time, the young woman wanted only one thing: to live with her husband. But when their marriage certificate had just arrived, Paul started doing it change attitude.

Then one day, Lauren’s sister had used their mother’s phone. This allowed her to see the content of the correspondence between Julie and her son-in-law. It was hard for him to hold this heavy secret By my self. So she told her sister about it. From then on, Lauren began to open her eyes.

His mother told him at the time that she was crazy to believe in this connection. Then Lauren decided to talk about it with her husband. From the moment the young woman spoke to him, Paul would have been “white as a sheet”.

Paul White and his stepmother
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In particular, he refused to allow Lauren to search his phone. Only shortly after this confrontation, Paul left his wife. He left her with their seven-month-old daughter.

Lauren’s current relationship with her mother

After Paul had left, Lauren had heard that her husband had gone to live with his mother. Once the thirty-year-old had seen his mother on the street, a round belly. Even though Julie told her daughter it was “cyst”Lauren already knew the truth.

It was naturally a shock for the young woman to learn that her mother was pregnant with the father of her daughter. When she got home, she couldn’t help it feeling bad. She took the pictures of her wedding with Paul and destroyed them all.

Over time, Paul and Julie ended up confessing their relationship, which was very difficult for Lauren to accept. What upset her the most was his mother’s betrayal.

“She has to love me and protect me before anyone else,” she said.

Despite everything that happened, however, Lauren Wall ended up forgive his mother. She was even present at Paul and Julie’s wedding on August 15, 2009. She did it for her daughter’s sake. After this betrayal, the life of the thirty resumed its course.

She found love again in the arms of another man and is pregnant with her fourth child. But although she is happy now, Lauren no longer trusts her mother. They are definitely trying to have a “normal relationship”. However, nothing will be the same between the two women.

“I will never fully trust him again,” Lauren said.

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