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For the summer holidays, Amazon Prime Video invites you to discover its new original film: “Don’t make me go”, which allows you to find the actor John Cho in a more dramatic register. The film has been available on Amazon since July 15th, here’s what we thought of it (spoiler-free).

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“Don’t Make Me Go” tells the story of Max Park, a simple single father. Max is raising his teenage daughter, Wally, alone since Wally’s mother left him for another man. He has big plans for Wally and never intends to give up on him. But everything changes when Max learns that he has a terminal tumor and that he only has a year left to live. Desperate, he wants to take Wally on the ultimate road trip across the United States so that the young girl can meet her mother, whom she has never seen since the divorce. The duo will embark on a touching journey that will be a great lesson in life for both Max and Wally.



“Don’t make me go” is primarily carried by John Cho and the young Mia Isaac. The actor is best known for his comedic roles (American Pie, Harold & Kumar). But he has already proven himself in dramatic registers, as evidenced by his acclaimed performances in the films Columbus and Searching: Lost Scope. As for Mia Isaac, “Don’t make me go” marks the young actress’ first step into cinema. She is then expected in two other productions, Not Okay and Black Cake, which do not yet have release dates but are coming soon.

The rest of the cast is completed by Kaya Scodelario, Josh Thomson, Otis Dhanji, Stefania LaVie Owen, but also Mitchell Hope, Jen Van Epps and Jemaine Clément. The film was directed by 29-year-old director Hannah Marks. Some probably already know her for her film After Everything, which also has a character suffering from a serious illness.

Our opinion

A beautiful father-daughter journey

In “Don’t make me go” we discover the sometimes fused, sometimes conflicted relationship between Max and Wally. On the one hand, we have the father-hen who wants to protect his daughter from anything that could harm her, and on the other hand, we have a 16-year-old teenager who wants to enjoy life. A “normal” family is. But Max’s illness turns everything upside down… or magnifies everything?

As the duo embark on a road trip to reach Louisiana, Wally will learn more about Max, his dreams and his aspirations when he was young. The young girl will discover another facet of her father, whom she had always found too serious and down to earth. Meanwhile, Max will also discover new things by going on adventures with his daughter. Against all odds, the latter will teach him great life lessons, but above all the importance of taking risks.

The characters are endearing

In “Don’t make me go” it is impossible not to become attached to the duo formed by Max and Wally. The father and daughter are really touching, whether it’s in their relationship or their personal issues. We can only be moved by Max’s worries about Wally’s future: what will happen to him when he’s gone? will the reunion with his mother go well?

On Wally’s side, we follow her joys and doubts as a teenager: her “unofficial” relationship with the boy she likes, her desire to escape … and then her fears and anxieties at the thought of meeting her mother. What if the latter didn’t find her beautiful and she didn’t want her? We only have one wish: that everything works out for Max and Wally, we really want to see them happy.

The story is a bit uneven

If “Don’t make me go” offers a story as beautiful as it is touching, the film’s narrative is somewhat uneven at times. So yes, it’s a dramatic film, so don’t expect action and twists. But the narrative is still a bit flat towards the middle. There are times when it feels like it moves far too slowly, even though every step of the journey is important to the development of the characters and their relationship.

Also, when we talk about the characters, since “Don’t make me go” focuses mainly on Max and Wally, the secondary characters are very much in the background. It’s a bit of a pity, because some of them are interesting, even very endearing: we can especially mention Guy, Max’s best friend, who is very sweet. There is also Annie, Max’s girlfriend. Played by a truly bubbly Kaya Scodelario, her teasing relationship with Max is a joy to watch.

A touching and (slightly) surprising ending

“Don’t Make Me Go” is the kind of movie that brings out the tissues: tears of joy or tears of sadness, get ready to shed a few while watching the feature film. So yes, some may think that the story of Max and Wally has been seen and reviewed, it is nevertheless very touching. But above all, the ending of “Don’t make me go” remains surprising with an outcome that some wouldn’t have seen coming. It is a beautiful journey full of love that awaits you with this movie.

Rating: 7/10

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