Here’s Why She’s No Longer In Touch With Her Family, Netizens Are In Shock!

Jessica Thivenin no longer frequents members of her family! She gives more explanations via her Snapchat account!

Jessica Thivenin recently made an announcement that shocked internet users. More precisely, his loyal fans, as it is a detail that they do not know about the young woman. Jessica is a well-followed personality on social networks!

Having said that, there are many who follow his dailies on the various platforms. Happy with her husband and children, we can say she has a very fulfilled life! But again, it turns out that Jessica Thivenin is not very close to her family. We will give you more details in the following sections!

Jessica Thivenin: a fulfilled woman!

Recently, Jessica Thivenin confided in a radical detail about her life. A subject that many still ignore. But judging by what we can see on her Instagram account, many would say that she is a contented woman. Because yes, it turns out that this one be well surrounded !

Jessica Thivenin often poses with her family on the network! Members to whom the young woman really hold. On the romantic side, she lives her best life accompanied by Thibault Garcia, her dear companion. Their relationship started a long time ago. And for now, the two lovebirds are still there, more united than ever!

Jessica Thivenin is too a happy mother ! With Thibault Garcia, the couple ended up starting a beautiful family. The latter grew with the arrival of Maylone and Leewane. Little beings who have brought a true blessing into their parents’ lives too! The happy mother also does not miss the opportunity to reveal them on her Instagram account. A process that only shows his pride in his babies!

In addition, Jessica Thivenin is not limited to the network to show her love for her family! In fact, know that the young woman is also flourishing in the media field. It is always a great pleasure for the viewers to follow his daily life the tv show “It’s the family”. A program which, by the way, is part of what is very popular!

What about the rest of his family?

This is actually a detail that many people ignore! Jessica Thivenin doesn’t like to talk about the rest of her family. Obviously, its subscribers are not lacking ask him about it. Especially since they are quite obsessed with personality!

However, Jessica Thivenin is also known for her love of sharing. So she didn’t hesitate to bring up the subject and decided to clear things up! The mother of two adorable children therefore took over her Snapchat account connect with your followers.

And it is with a serious face and a neutral tone that Jessica Thivenin confessed the following words! It seems then that the fulfilled woman does not like to visit all members of her family. Yes, everything without exception! She pointed out that they don’t see each other rarely. Don’t look at all! ” We have been apart for a long time […] That’s the way it is“, she said!

Of course, Jessica Thivenin still keeps in touch with certain relatives! Although they don’t have the most endearing relationship.

“I still have a couple of aunts […] but I see that very, very rarely”

Especially since they don’t live in the same neighborhoods! And that goes too far, ends by becoming strangers.

Jessica Thivenin: is a third child planned?

Rumors are also circulating that Jessica Thivenin is expecting a third child. She who loves her family so much. Enlarging it is therefore a big guess that holds its truth. However, Thibault Gracia’s wife did not miss to reject the claim ! It seems she has already found her perfect balance. A caring husband followed by two adorable little angels, what more could she ask for?

“It was my dream family”, she declared to back up her remarks! In fact, Jessica Thivenin is thinking of stopping there! Maylone and Leewane is enough for him already plenty. In addition, viewers are wondering when the show “C’est la famille” will return for a new season. A renewal that has not been confirmed by the main character!

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