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Aurora’s death will have a terrible impact on the Grasset-Becker family in “Un si grand soleil”. Yvon Back, Commissioner Becker’s interpreter, tells us more about what awaits his character in the next episodes of the series.

In the final episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, Clément married Janet (Tonya Kinzinger), but he then had an affair with his ex-wife, Claudine (Catherine Wilkening). During a party, when the two women met in front of him, we could sense some uneasiness in Becker because Janet is not aware of his infidelity…

Yvon Back: Absolutely. And of course she doesn’t know that. Claudine knows it – yes, I hope she remembers! (laughs)

Will she eventually find out?

That is a question that needs to be asked of the authors. Me, I don’t know. For now, this story is on hold. I still have a few sequences with Claudine that are fun to shoot because Becker is uncomfortable with that. He develops this kind of guilt and then we established a relationship between them where Claudine scares him a little bit now. But I imagine they will use it at some point…

Lately, Becker has also invested a lot to protect his daughter Sabine, who was involved in an accident… Seeing him deepen his ties to his family also allows the character to take the character out of his professional setting.

Yes, office sequences with the judge, which still represent sixty percent of what I do. And then to play with Gaëla Le Devehat, it’s a joy, because apart from being a wonderful actress, she’s a very nice girl. I’m not opposed to the idea of ​​having recordings anywhere other than Becker’s office.

Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs) will fall in love with Aurore, who will end up dying during an investigation that goes wrong. Can you tell us more? Will he blame Becker for being responsible for this tragedy, or for not having been able to avoid it?

This girl actually gets killed in Lunel’s arenas, where we shot for the occasion. It will be a very nice sequence. And indeed, Enzo considers his grandfather partially responsible for the death of this girl, who in reality manipulated him and wished him harm. Because now we are there. I think the writers have the idea to develop a somewhat adversarial relationship with Becker, Florent and his family because he holds us responsible for the death of this woman he loved.

Will your character investigate this case despite the family connection he has with Enzo?

so no until she dies I’m not participating in the survey because I’m actually too invested in it. In the sequence that takes place in Lunel’s arenas, we want to stop them, Enzo will be aware of this fake deal that we have set up to catch them. He then arrives at the crime scene and I try to stop him.

So what awaits your character in the next storylines?

There I am busy with new police investigations. We have a few small sequences together with Janet, I have other sequences where I cycle with Frédéric van den Driessche (Alain, editor’s note) and a little jogging, a birthday… But for the moment with Tonya we do There should not be a more developed plot.

How do you see the development of your character since you joined the series? He was a simple police officer and then, little by little, we fleshed him out with family, love stories…

I had never done a soap opera before I did this one, and it’s a bit special to come to a project like this, because you don’t know what awaits you. I had a vision of the character in two sessions, which is not saying much. Toma de Matteis (the producer of the series, editor’s note) had told me about the project, but no more. And it built up little by little.

I think before the writers develop a character, they definitely have ideas, but they wait to see the embodiment and what the chosen actor will do with it. For me it went well, they were happy I was there and I had fun in this character pretty quickly. Suddenly there is a kind of porosity between what I came up with and what they offered.

This is exactly what we like about Becker: He can be a very straight and square person in the police, who is always part of the humor that comes out of him.

Yes, I was the one who brought this little ironic distance. On the soap opera, I had no idea who Becker was at first. And at some point, because it disturbed me a little, I decided to bring it to me a little. I took this liberty, they liked it, and then they write according to what I could offer. In a soap opera, I think the actors are necessarily led to offer personal things at some point.

Interview in Montpellier in June 2022.

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