85 Ukrainian children welcomed in Occitania for school holidays – LOURDES-ACTU

Mobilized to help the Ukrainian people, Occitanie region, the city Montpellier, Red Cross and 3MTKD associations and Europe Pryhystokorganize that comes from 85 children from Ukraine to Occitania occasionally of the summer period. HAVEthe age 10 on 14 year and from the Lviv region of Ukrainethisp children come to stay In the region from 5 to 19 August in several holiday centers spread across the regional area.

Committed for more than 26 years, together with CAF, MSA and SNCF, the Occitanie region is once again co-financing the “1ers holiday departures. This unit, orchestrated by the UNAT association, gives children from modest backgrounds, and for some with disabilities, the opportunity to go on holiday every year. The principle of operation is simple: remain accessible to everyone in Occitanie, by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside., to allow every child to enjoy holidays, flourish and discover new horizons. Since the scheme was introduced in 1996, more than 47,000 children could experience their “first holiday departures” through this operation.

Mobilized to help the Ukrainian people (mobilization of €300,000, accommodation in high schools, humanitarian convoys, etc.), the region, in cooperation with UNAT and Lviv Oblast, has decided to open the system to young Ukrainians: 60 children aged 10 to 14 and 6 accompanying Ukrainians will stay conveyed in Occitania and distributed within 4 holiday centers in the Pyrénées-Orientales (Send)Aveyron (Basic)Herault (Cazilhac) and Tarn (Berlat), for a stay from 5 to 19 August.

20 additional childrens will also be part of the tour thanks to the mobilization of the city of Montpellier and the association 3MTKD, for a stay in La Grande-Motte.
Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the city of Montpellier has shown its full support for Ukraine by mobilizing to finance humanitarian operations and support the Ukrainian government (emergency aid of €100,000, reception of refugees, support for the association SOS Montpellier-Ukraine, providing free French lessons for Ukrainians at Espace Martin Luther King, etc.). To facilitate the exchange, last June the city of Montpellier signed an agreement with the city of Lviv. Through these actions, Montpellier once again expresses its solidarity and character as a welcoming territory.

Finally, 5 children will also be taken care of for a stay in Agde thanks to the association Europe Pryhystok.

It is now 6 months since war broke out into the lives of thousands of young Ukrainians who should never have had to face the horrors of this conflict. I am happy, with the support of UNAT and our partners, to offer them a few weeks of respite in our region so that they can rediscover, at least for the duration of this stay, the innocence and joy of life specific to their age », Carole DELGA.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukrainene, we stand, with ReGion together with the Ukrainian people. Through this joint action, 20 children from Lviv can be looked after by 3MTKD in La Grande-Motte. By them weeks, which we hope as a parenthesis of carelessness and discovery in this daily horror », Michael DELAFOSSE

In practice

A convoy of 2 buses chartered by the region will leave Montpellier on 3 August. He leaves on August 4 from the town of Przemysl, located on the border between Poland and Ukraine, and transports the 85 children to Montpellier on August 5. They will then be distributed to their respective holiday centres.

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