Delphine Jubillar case: her children were drugged the night she disappeared? The truth finally comes out!

Since December 16, 2022, investigators have made every effort to find Delphine Jubillar. If the investigation is ongoing, investigators recently released a new element. These are the results of tests performed on Delphine’s children and Cedric. The tests were to determine whether the children were drugged the night their mother disappeared. Discover all the details.

The results of the analyses

Delphine Jubillar is not found for more than a year and a half. The last time we saw the mother was on December 15, 2020 at her home and was no longer giving no sign of life. The last people to see her were her husband Cédric and her children. Her spouse is too prime suspect of the case.

On August 1, 2022, Le Parisien published an article about The Jubillar case. According to this article, test results have offered an answer to a long-unanswered question: Were Delphine’s children drugged the night she disappeared? To solve the mystery, the investigators conducted tests. The results of these tests are now known.

“The sequential analyzes of the hair of the two children did not reveal the presence of narcotics, sedatives or neuroleptics”, explains the Parisian.

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Cédric accused by his former convict

The main suspect in the case, Cédric Jubillar has been imprisoned for more than a year. The father of the family is accused of “voluntary manslaughter of the spouse”. In May 2022, Cédric finally confronted Marco, his former cell neighbor, in court. The reason ? The latter claims have crucial information.

According to him, Delphine Jubillar’s husband would have made him trusts when they were both in prison. Cédric would have told him that he had surprised his wife when he exchanged text messages with his lover. What he put in a great anger. The father of the family would then have attacked his wife and murdered her.

For the investigating judges, Cédric denied everything. To defend himself, he explained that he had told his ex-convict some nonsense because he kept asking him questions.

“I never had that kind of discussion with him. When he insisted on knowing where I had put the body, I said with a laugh that I put it near the cottage that burned down, that was all. That is the only thing that is true, the rest are lies,” he said.

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Still according to Marco, Cédric relax the body death of his wife by burying her in a forest. To do this he would have used a friend’s vehicle. The investigators therefore set out to find the famous vehicle. Which allowed them to get their hands on a white Peugeot 306.

The vehicle had traces of blood. They went through it with a fine-toothed comb and performed analyses. Tests later showed that there was actually no blood, just sweat mixed with other biological fluids.

What Delphine’s husband plans to do

Liberation devoted an entire article to Cédric Jubillar. In this article published on July 2, 2022, the magazine talks about its projects. In fact, the father of the family would already know what he wants to do once released from prison. As reported by the magazine, the plasterer would consider leaving Tarn.

Furthermore, Cédric’s lawyers say they are outraged. They do not understand why justice continues to keep their client between four walls. According to them, there is no tangible evidence. The father must thus “take advantage of the presumption of innocence”.

“What I expect is on the one hand: that justice takes its responsibility and that judges have the courage to tell themselves that this case must be dealt with in the long term (…) That research must be carried out, so Cédric Jubillar is free. That’s what I’m waiting for! We’re waiting for that. Then the truth will come out,” said Maître Jean-Baptise Alary during his interview at the Gala.

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