Eddy Mitchell: the day he violently beat Johnny Hallyday “I lost my cool”!

Claude Moine, alias Eddy Mitchell, is a French rock star. In a format entitled “Le Dico de ma vie” published in JDD, he spoke in particular about his meeting with Johnny Hallyday. The two icons were both rock fans. If they maintained a friendly relationship for 59 years, their friendship was initially quite difficult. Eddy Mitchell tells the story himself to have beaten the Taulieren. We tell you more in this article.

A long-lasting friendship

Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday were two friends who met for more than half a century. For Eddy Mitchell, Johnny Hallyday is no longer just a friend, he is a member of his family, he considers him his “brother”. Last Sunday he Tell us a little more about this friendship :

“I was lucky to have a friend with whom I shared 59 years of friendship. I imagine that this kind of relationship is quite rare, regardless of the profession practiced or the background of each individual. »

It should also be remembered that the rocker celebrated his 80th birthday on July 3rd. One thing is for sure, as beautiful as their friendship was, it got off to a bad start…

It all started with a slap

Still on the program “Le Dico de ma vie” Eddy Mitchell reveals everything. His friendship with David and Laura’s father in the 1950s started with a bang.

According to Muriel Bailleul’s husband, he would have met his friend Johnny Hallyday for the first time during a surprise party organized near the Place de la Trinité. It is in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It was an event where he had to bring his records.

“Invited to a surprise party, near the Place de la Trinité, where everyone is asked to bring their records, I take some precious 45-rpm with me, carefully sorted”, said Eddy Mitchell.

The problem is that he during this evening lost his records. Yes, someone had stolen it from him. Very upset, he rushes down the stairs in the belief that he has seen the thief in question. When he reached the bottom, he managed to catch up with the thief with his hand in the bag. He resumes his business and slap the thief.

In his own words:

“I throw myself over my belongings and (deservedly) slap my robber. »

The thief in question was none other than Johnny Hallyday. Afterwards, he apologizes and says he was also a fan of rock & roll music.

According to Eddy Mitchell, there weren’t many rock & roll lovers at the time. He also added that this history allowed them form a very strong bond. He told viewers and thousands of internet users that Johnny Hallyday was like a brother to him.

“Close to relatives. Godfather to my daughter Pamela and I to his, Laura, I have always considered Johnny a member of my family and I think of him often,” he said.

Today, it all seems so far awaybecause Johnny Hallyday is no longer…

Death of Johnny Hallyday

On the night of December 5, 2017, 5 years ago, the famous French rocker Johnny Hallyday came dies at the age of 74. He had already been fighting lung cancer for several months, it was on this date that the disease took over. The death of this international star upset millions of fans in France and around the world.

At his funeral on 9 December 2017, a final tribute popular is returned to him in Paris. More than a million people followed the funeral procession. In the Madeleine Church, several political figures had attended, including the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. More artists, singers and actors was also present.

During the release of his latest album, “Country Rock”, Eddy Mitchell dedicated a song entitled “A little bit of love” to his great and late friend Johnny Hallyday. Guest on “Daily” Tuesday June 14, 2022 to promote this album, Eddy Mitchell still declares his very strong bond with the famous interpreter of the song “I promise you”.

“He was more than a friend. He was a half-brother. Yes, he is. A half-brother, yes,” he confessed.

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