Showing architecture in paint

CULTURE. Since she resumed her brushes five years ago, the Lac-à-la-Tortue artist Stéphanie Goulet has been in high demand among Montreal businessmen. She turned to a niche little used by painters, the architecture of buildings, and in the light of her words she was a bull’s eye!

One of her paintings can be sold for $10,000 to $15,000 so the native Tortulinoise can live off her art today.

It was at the age of 20 that Stéphanie Goulet left Lac-à-la-Tortue to start a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Multimedia at the University of Quebec at Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT).

At the age of 23, she left for France to obtain a master’s degree in graphic design from the University of Toulouse. “There I became addicted to architecture in general. I painted since childhood, but I had no professional training. That’s why I did my baccalaureate in multimedia, which touches on the visual arts, and the master in Toulouse had to polish my baccalaureate. »

After a year of intense mastery, Stéphanie returned to Quebec and settled in Montreal.

After working in marketing, engineering, architecture and fashion, Stéphanie resumed her brushstroke at the age of 37 after a hiatus of more than 10 years.

A unique artistic niche

“When I got back to my brushes, I gave myself a year to trust myself and see how I lined up. It developed at a breakneck pace! I realized that I have gained a lot of capacity through various professions in the I had to find my subject as an artist. While I was working on my paintings, I revealed myself. I realized that in the 10 years I had stopped painting, I was still painting with Photoshop. It was a big revelation when I picked up my brushes! I am so lucky to be able to fulfill this dream and earn a living from my art! »

The artist has been in a rolling fire for a few years. So much that art galleries approach her, but she can’t put on exhibitions of her works because almost all of them are sold before the canvas is ready. “At the moment I am working on 12 canvases at the same time and that is what characterizes me. I start many projects at the same time as I finish them. Since I paint in oil, it also takes quite a long time to dry. It’s still rolling. »

Recently there was an article about Stéphanie of Maison Birks, a leading authority in the world of jewelry in Montreal. She had taken the initiative to paint the building and her marketing strategy is quite original. While hard at work, she uses the professional social network LinkedIn to promote the evolution of her paintings. “I walk through the city very early when no one is around, and I will take pictures of different places and different buildings in the city that excite me. The Birks house didn’t know me and didn’t know I was going to paint their building. I reveal the evolution of my work on LinkedIn, which is where I work and where I sell 98% of my paintings. I make requests for additions for anything that could affect the Birks home, for example. If the leaders haven’t seen it, there will be plenty of people who will tell them I’m working on it. In the case of the Birks house, it wasn’t long before I got a call to reserve the canvas. »

In particular, the artist has tackled the Molson building, Windsor station, the Fives Roses flour building, and the mythical Ritz-Carlton, to name a few.

It will even have to raise its prices in September when its customers tell it its price range is between $10,000 and $15,000 below the market.

Trade the piano for brushes

Stéphanie Goulet developed a passion for painting at a young age. His mother’s artistic side soon led her to introduce him to the piano. “When she was 4 years old, she bought a piano and told me I was going to play the piano. I was really not good and had no musical ear. By the time I was 11 I couldn’t play the piano anymore, but I was creative. I started taking classes with a recognized artist who lived near me, Régis Vézina. I had lessons with him until I was 17. »

The artist even evokes the opportunity to come to his hometown to let his art speak. “I am thinking in particular of the Grand-Mère bridge, which is majestic with its architecture. Shawinigan City Hall has also retained its architectural cachet. I love Montreal, and there is a great clientele here, but as long as there is a clientele and there are beautiful buildings, Shawinigan is still my hometown. »

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