Thibaut, 40 years old, two children and vasectomized: “men must take responsibility”

Thibaut, 40 years old and two children, is one of the men who chose to have a vasectomy in order not to have more children. (© Photo sent to / DR)

“We believe that contraception is more of a women’s issue, whereas men can – and must – participate fully”: Thibaut took the plunge at the age of 40 and chose vasectomy. Fast and very effective, this permanent contraceptive has become more and more popular in recent years.

No more pills, IUDs, condoms or surprise pregnancies: vasectomy involves the surgical removal of part of the vas deferens, which connects sperm from the testicle to the urethra. If Thibaut was seduced by the vasectomy, that’s it to “take his responsibility as a man” regarding contraception.

Stop contraception without tubal ligation

The click took place during the health crisis. “I knew about vasectomy, but I had never really dug into the issue”, begins this project engineer based in Cherbourg (Manche), contacted by It is when the first anti-Covid vaccines hit the market that the question arises again.

We started talking about the risk of thrombosis in vaccines. My wife, a gynecology nurse, explained to me that certain pills [contraceptives] just led to the risk of thrombosis. So with the vaccine…

Thibaut40 years old, two children and vasectomised

But what alternative to the pill? That tubal ligation ? No, slice Thibaut. The latter remains a heavy operation, while vasectomy is “15 minutes on each side and nothing a week after the operation. »

“It was definitely not a castration! »

Arranged with his attending physician, who directs Thibaut to a surgeon recognized in this field, also located in Cherbourg (Manche). During their first meeting, the specialist immediately wants to reassure his future patient.

“He explained to me how the operation worked, but one of the first things he told me was that it was especially not a castration, that I should not lose my voice or break my libido e.g ! “, laughs Thibaut, who believes that” it must be one of the recurring questions, or else it is the image we should have of vasectomy. »

This interview confirms Thibaut in his choice. The engineer, also president of the sports club Les Vikings de Cherbourg, must then sign a document to prove his consent to the performance of a vasectomy. Because we must not forget: vasectomy is finally.

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It is possible to withdraw for four months. Thibaut does not deviate from his project, and after this period of reflection he makes an appointment for the operation. The bill is 100 euros in addition to fees.

Thibaut, 40 years old and two children, is one of the men who chose to have a vasectomy in order not to have more children.
Thibaut, an engineer by trade, is also the chairman of the sports club Les Vikings de Cherbourg. (© Photo sent to / DR)

“We fall asleep, we wake up and it’s done”

Local or general anesthesia? Second option. “I had no particular misgivings, it was more delirium of: we fall asleep, we wake up and it’s done », says Thibaut. The surgeon also preferred general anesthesia, “in case the patient asks questions or fusses during the operation. »

On D-Day, everything goes very quickly. At the same time, as we explained to you in this previous article, the vasectomy could be summarized as follows: a fifteen-minute operation on each side, under anesthesia, an incision of half a centimeter to a maximum centimeter and a stitch on each scrotum.

What is a vasectomy?

Dr. Anna Goujon, urological surgeon at the University Hospital of Rennes, answers us: “It is an operation in which we will cut and ligate (that is, put knots at both ends) the vas deferens, which is the tunnel through which sperm will pass from the testicle to the urethra. To check that the operation has been carried out correctly, the end of the vas deferens, once removed, is sent to the laboratory for analysis. And after the operation, it is necessary to wait three months (the lifespan of the sperm) to remove any contraception.

“The operation was very quick,” confirms Thibaut. After a short period in the recovery room, “to check that everything is in order” (no swelling or abnormal reaction at the end of the operation), the father of the family returns home.

Discomfort for a few days

For the two days following the operation, Thibaut had planned to work from home for more comfort. The following week he returned to work without any problems: “I had surgery on Wednesday, on Monday I was at work”. He also puts the sport aside for a while, “to avoid shock”.

For five days, he has anti-inflammatories on hand “morning, noon and night.” No pain the days after the procedure, but a kind of embarrassment after four days. “It’s normal, I still had surgery! “, states Cherbourgeois.

Really everything was fine after the surgery, just such an embarrassment, sore feeling like I’d been hit there, then it was gone.

Thibaut40 years old, two children and vasectomized

Next step now: wait another three months to remove the last living spermatozoa. A spermogram is scheduled at the end of this period to ensure, and then remove any contraception.

“Having a daughter changed my perspective on things”

Today, Thibaut has no regrets. And neither does his girlfriend. “She was quite happy that I took this step. At first she was a bit confused because she was afraid to withdraw her contraception, but in the end she will no longer have any hormonal imbalances,” explains the Norman engineer.

Thibaut, 40 years old and two children, is one of the men who chose to have a vasectomy in order not to have more children.
Two weeks after the operation, Thibaut has absolutely no regrets. (© Photo sent to / DR)

Thibaut also took this approach for his 13-year-old daughter. “Obviously, being the father of a daughter, I am more aware of the place of women in society todayI would like my daughter to have an easier life than what we offer today,” he acknowledges.

When we talk about birth control, we think it’s often feminine, it’s false. Equality between women and men also goes through this. And having a daughter has really changed my outlook.

Thibaut40 years old, two children and vasectomised

Contraception becoming more democratic

Moreover, his decision caused a lot of talk around him. “Most people already knew about vasectomy. Some still asked me several times if I was sure, if I really didn’t want to have more children, as it is a permanent operation,” recalls the father of the family.

The operation also piqued the curiosity of a few relatives… but not only. Acquaintances or even old friends returned to talk to him about vasectomy, to find out how it works.

Don’t be afraid of the process, really, I recommend with your eyes closed. This surgery is not a taboo, I really have no problem talking about it around me.

Thibaut40 years old, two children and vasectomized

In general, Thibaut finds that this contraception becomes commonplace gradually. “Around me, I see that more and more people are taking action, and we also talk a lot more about it,” he admits. “And we’re right!”

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