Xbox Series: Want the Console? It’s in stock, but you have to hurry.

Along with Sony’s PS5, Microsoft’s Xbox is one of the most in-demand game consoles right now. But now, as with the PS5, we soon run into the problem of out-of-stock everywhere. But, and it’s time to open your shutters, we’ve just seen a few! Don’t waste your time getting it before it’s out of stock.

Stock for the Xbox series? You read it right!

At JVTech, the stocks of Xbox Series X like the ones of the PS5, we can say that we follow them very closely.

Thanks to our highly reliable sources who keep us informed as soon as the coveted consoles go up for sale, we can keep you informed as soon as possible. For example, the article will be put online in two three parts, and you only have to click on the link below.

Update 03/08/2022 at 09:30 : Xbox Series X is available as a bundle with the Xbox Series Elite 2 controller.

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We may think it’s ridiculous, many of you agree, but there is a rivalry between the owners of the PS5 and those of the Xbox Series. This is called “the console war”. If since the success of the PS4, many PS5 owners have been somewhat inflamed, Microsoft has not yet said the last word.

We cannot ignore the monstrous strike force that a company as powerful as Microsoft can have. Of course, the strength of the parent company isn’t the Xbox Series X’s only asset. At Xbox, it’s a whole philosophy, a whole vision of video games that is the strength of the brand.

Xbox wants you to play everywhere, as many titles as possible and for little money. It is in this direction that the controllers go off the console, and also become THE great reference of controllers to play on PC. This is also the direction of the famous subscription to Xbox Game Pass, a real “Netflix of video games” that is praised by the whole world for its value for money. Finally, it is also in that direction that the immense computing power of the console, which is comparable to a PC gamer, goes.

Indeed, the world that little by little is beginning to emerge from a health crisis that has not yet said its last word, and from an unstable global geopolitical situation, an immense shortage of electronic components. If you’re looking for a graphics card to mount your PC on, you know it better than anyone. And again, we are not talking about energy issues, rising freight costs, etc. Today, mass production of state-of-the-art equipment is particularly complex.

However, this is not a reason to be afraid and afraid. If you really want a next-gen console, you can have one by applying a clever, yet simple strategy.

Two solutions!

The first solution is simply to wait for stocks to improve. Mechanically, the more people out there who manage to have their Xbox Series X, the more supply will catch up with demand, it will inevitably happen.

The second solution is just waiting for a return to stock like today. We who follow them very closely, we know very well that there will necessarily be once a week, or even more. In fact, on the Xbox series, console drops are becoming more common to be fair and prices are back to normal.

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on one in spite of everything, this might be the right article and if you just missed it, stick around for a while as it gets updated very regularly throughout the day.

Anyway, here are our tips to help you on your quest for next-gen consoles.

Our solutions to find an Xbox Series X as quickly as possible

We’d like to tell you that we have the magic solution to make an Xbox Series or a PS5 appear on the landing of your door. Unfortunately it is not that simple.

Patience will be your best quality and you will have to make it an asset because understand that you are not the only one wanting to get your hands on one of these next-gen consoles. Others are even willing to pay an astronomical amount to get it, but often they deal with scalpers and we don’t recommend encouraging this practice, even if it’s not illegal.

That said, you can still maximize your chances of getting an Xbox as soon as possible by following a few basic guidelines. After struggling with you all this time, we have some experience in the field. Here are our tips.

First of all, we strongly recommend that you create an account on almost all major ecommerce sites. If Xbox Series Xs are in stock, you won’t have time to enter your payment or shipping information. When it’s done, keep a close eye on our site. At JVTech we always keep you informed live!

In addition to alerts on JVTech, we recommend that you keep a few tabs open. No magic site, where the Xbox has the best chance of appearing, is one of the most traditional online sellers.

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Everything you need to know about Xbox Series X: the console more powerful than the PS5

Finally, it’s important that we tell you a little more about the details of the Xbox Series X. The goal is not to blow on the embers of the rivalry with Sony, but to keep in mind the fundamental differences between the two machines. This allows some undecided people to better guide themselves.

In addition to pure design, the Xbox series and PS5 covers contain many things. Microsoft has equipped its console with the “Velocity” architecture. Specifically, it is a means of allowing the SSD to communicate extremely efficiently with the processor and RAM of the Xbox Series X. Thanks to all this, the Xbox Series X exhibits the greatest computing power in the history of home consoles, enough to replace the good old PC. gamer green.

In short, with 12 teraflops on the counter, an 8-core processor clocked at 3.8GHz and 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, the Microsft console is a true war machine at a pure hardware level.

Since you’ll be storing quite a bit of game, keep in mind that the storage is provided by a super-fast SSD which helps reduce any loading times. If you need more space than the few hundred gigabytes present in the original console, the easiest solution is to buy the storage expansion. officially, frankly easy to connect behind the console. It is a 1TB SSD produced by SanDisk, in close collaboration with Microsoft.

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But let’s talk about the games right now. Impossible to tell you about the Xbox Series without talking about the Game Pass. Even though the console, the hardware is very solid, what Microsoft has always shined on is on its software. Thanks to the now well-known Game Pass, a subscription system, Microsoft is simply revolutionizing the video game market.

Modeled a bit on Netflix’s economic model, the GamePass allows you to download tons of games, including the latest titles from Microsoft), for a monthly subscription that comes at a very reasonable price considering the service offered.

Designed for GamePass, the Xbox Series X is a powerful machine that offers many attractive services and therefore does not stop at video games. So there is a lot of multimedia content, which enriches your user experience.

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