Couple buys $130 engagement rings, seller calls them ‘pathetic’

When a couple decided to get married, they didn’t worry about anything other than declaring their love and making a lifelong commitment. However, they had an unpleasant experience when a stranger mocked their choice.

Few things compare to the joy of finding a soulmate, and creating an unbreakable bond with someone is priceless. While many people dream of a flashy wedding with all the trimmings, not everyone does.

Countless couples only worry about saying their vows and signing the papers. One such couple, from Martin, Tennessee, were inseparable from their first date, but unfortunately not everyone understood their unique love story.


Ariel and Quinn McRae met when they were 20 and spent days talking on the phone. After their first date, eating chicken wings and driving around talking and singing together, they fell in love.

Ariel admitted that she wanted to marry Quinn after their first date because the feelings were intense and mutual, but they decided to wait a bit. They were still young, but also knew that the kind of connection they had was rare.

They quickly became best friends and romantic partners, and their desire to get married grew every day. After two years of dating, they made a bold decision that allowed them to realize their biggest dream.


Ariel and Quinn have decided to run away. Of the decision, she said: “I have never been happier in my life and I could never imagine spending it with anyone else.”

In a shocking twist, one of the employees approached them and studied the rings they had chosen. His words left the pair speechless.

Their special day was unique and even though it wasn’t the wedding the others imagined, it was perfect for them. But before they took their vows in court, they faced a humiliating and disheartening encounter.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Ariel recalled a heartbreaking moment she and her husband-to-be faced in 2016. They had excitedly walked into Pandora to buy wedding rings, but their joy quickly turned to sadness.


The couple looked at the store’s many ring options before settling on a set in sterling silver, pearl and cubic zirconia. Ariel was giddy and her partner was happy to have found something for the woman he loved.

In a shocking twist, one of the employees approached them and studied the rings they had chosen. His words left the couple speechless. She said :

“Can you believe some men take these as engagement rings? It’s pathetic (sic)”.

Ariel and Quinn McRae show off their wedding rings | Source:


The remark stung and Ariel saw Quinn’s face fall. He was upset and felt that he had failed. Fortunately, another employee helped them pack and pay for their items, which totaled $130.

Ariel taught the employee a lesson and said:

“It’s not the ring that counts. It’s the love you put into buying it that counts”.

She also spoke about her experience in showing others that love trumps material possessions. Ariel said:

“Anyone, I would have married this man if it had been a 25¢ gumball machine. When did our nation sink so low…Why do material possessions equal love (sic)?”.

While the encounter devastated the duo, they didn’t let it steal their excitement for their wedding day. They were married a few days later and the couple are proud to have followed their hearts without worrying about other people’s opinions.

Ariel McRae shows off her wedding ring |  Source:

Ariel McRae shows off her wedding ring | Source:


Ariel and Quinn did not have unrealistic expectations in their relationship and knew that their financial situation would not allow them to have a glamorous wedding. Seeing her husband pool all his money to buy her a ring was everything to Ariel.

She didn’t care about material things and only wanted to commit to the man of her dreams. They struggled to pay their bills and buy food, but they didn’t lack love. She tells:

“My husband was so afraid that I wouldn’t want him because he couldn’t afford a piece of jewelry. He was afraid that my love for him would disappear because he couldn’t afford the finer wedding that I wanted .”


Ariel’s story captured attention online and netizens were blown away by her take on love and marriage. She revealed that countless people have approached her to thank her. She added:

“I got so many messages from people telling me that I gave them the courage to finally propose or get married, even if they couldn’t afford a ring.”

Helping people has been an emotional and rewarding experience for the happy wife. She and her husband plan to adopt two children in the future, and they are happy that their unpleasant experience has turned into something positive.


Ariel was adamant that no one should accumulate debt because of a marriage. She said it was possible to tie the knot without rings and hoped others would focus on the only thing that matters – love. She noted:

“I wanted people to understand that…a ring is just a bonus. You don’t marry someone for a ring. You marry someone because you love them.”

Fashion and beauty editor Shelley Brown revealed that in 2015, partners spent an average of about $6,000 on engagement rings.

Diamonds were popular but very expensive, so she suggested would-be spouses on a budget choose other gems like sapphires or morganites.

Questions to consider:

  • How would you react if your spouse proposed to you with a ring worth $130?

Many people have planned the exact details of their wedding day, including the dress, venue and ring. But if you meet the right person and can’t afford all the flashy details, it might be a good idea to reconsider your desires before you miss out on a great relationship.

  • What do you think of the Pandora employee’s comment?

Preference is personal and employees serving customers must be aware of this. While their opinion can guide buyers, they should never offend people or make them feel unworthy. The customer experience is of the utmost importance, and the employees must do everything to ensure that their customers leave the store happy.

Ariel and Quinn have had an amazing journey and prove that the price of the wedding ring does not determine the depth of love between a couple. Share your engagement memories and tell us the value of your rings.

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