Daily horoscope: FRIDAY AUGUST 5 for each zodiac sign

Daily horoscope: here are the predictions for each zodiac sign for this FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2022

As daily, we share today’s horoscope here.

Daily Horoscope:


Your tenacity and persistence are your infallible weapons to achieve the goals that will lead you to professional advancement. In love, you already know that your temper can play tricks on you with your partner, so try to be more understanding and tolerant.

TAURUS Horoscope

You need to plan very well what strategies to follow so that the lagging business can move forward and you can improve your finances. In love, you are going through a difficult period in your relationship, but it is something momentary that can be resolved with a sincere conversation.


You will encounter many obstacles to achieve a project that you have in mind, but if you put in the effort and focus on this project, you will achieve it and with great success. In love, your partner asks you for support and understanding for his family, which is going through a very difficult time. You are their strength, don’t leave them alone in this situation.

CANCER horoscope

You are doing very well at work, with productive businesses, a road trip and wonderful financial prospects. Enjoy this moment. In love, during a meeting, you will meet an interesting person who will not let you go, so be prepared because he will be very enthusiastic and you will be surprised.


You have long considered starting your own business. Don’t overthink it and run the process as the universe conspires to make it all work for you. In love, you begin a new relationship with this person who has helped you for a long time to overcome the past. You are connected and you have a future.

Virgo horoscope

You need to find a way to resolve issues with your bosses so that harmony returns to the team and you can move forward in business. In love, get out of the routine and find a way to activate your social life, because during one of these meetings you will meet someone who will make your heart beat faster.


You have spent very difficult weeks trying to get several projects started, from now on you will see the fruits of so much effort. In love, a friend arrives from distant lands, and you will be delighted at this reunion. You will be surprised at what he will tell you and offer you. Dare to be brave.

SCORPIO horoscope

A few days ago you felt demotivated because you couldn’t achieve your goals, but now things have changed and your efforts have paid off. Keep going, there’s still a long way to go. In love, not everything can be as you want, sometimes you have to give in so that the relationship is in balance.


You have been very overwhelmed with work and it has affected your health. You have to take it all more calmly, because things will come to light with time. In love, lean on your partner, he wants to help you, but your pride is really strong. You are too independent, but you have to give in occasionally.


You are offered a job opportunity that at first seems very good, but you need to analyze it more deeply because you are not able to make decisions easily. It is better to wait a little longer. In love, a conversation with a friend will surprise you because he will tell you that he has wanted something with you for a long time.

AQUARIUS horoscope

You make mistakes at work because you want to be thorough. If you have a team, delegate functions to speed things up. In love, you can take advantage of these moments of solitude to find yourself and think about what you want for your future.


Your positive attitude and your intuition will lead you to make the right decisions to make your business flourish. Your superiors will appreciate your efforts. In love, if you want things to go well with your partner, encourage a conversation to resolve the differences.

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