Dropped, delivered

Released, Delivered:

Remember that feeling of emptiness when he or she pronounces finality? But breakups, if they can seem insurmountable, always teach us. Dropped, delivered tells about the moments in life when it was a matter of reinventing oneself to live an even more beautiful life.

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Sandrine has been in a relationship for 6 years with her ex-boyfriend when he tells her that their story is over: “I had a hard time understanding because we had been trying to have a child for almost a year. stressed a lot and I did everything I could to make it work by constantly monitoring my cycle, doing fertility tests to optimize our relationship, eating as healthy as possible and changing my lifestyle. If Sandrine feels such pressure, it’s because her ex- mate is responsible for it: “He told me that it came from me, that I did not do the right thing, that when we took tests with a doctor, we would see that I” I am not fertile. He told me a lot, that it was related to my lifestyle, so I turned everything upside down. I loved him and I wanted this child with him.”

Back because it was allegedly infertile

Her ex-boyfriend leaves her, announcing that her alleged infertility is the reason: “He didn’t want a ‘half woman.’ I was devastated. For days, though, I told myself that he was right. That he did. I need not to sacrifice his fatherhood for me. My friends and my parents kept telling me to get mad. Now I see how long it took me to see the truth as a waste of time.”

A few months later, Sandrine did tests to find out more about her fertility: “I had no problems. The doctors quickly made me understand that the problem was not mine. That relieved me. How relieved I was to realize, that I had been lucky. not to have a child with this man.”

By chance, one day she meets a former companion of her ex: “We never had much to say to each other, but I was attracted to her. I felt the need to say hello to her and tell her what had happened . She was the one who unlocked everything. Actually my ex had a vasectomy while he was with her. He will never have children. I don’t think I will ever understand the reasons why he hid it from me and used it to manipulating me, but this information allowed me to grieve this completely toxic relationship. Less than a year after the breakup, I learned that I could have a child one day, and my ex was the problem. I felt liberated.”

Video. “The practice of vasectomy is very taboo in France”

A baby in September

Sandrine is going to become a mother in September: “I met someone. He is a gentle man who respects me. He never blames me for what I am. He always agrees to dialogue. Like me, he wants to start a family. We have the same dreams, the same plans. Once the decision was made, I got pregnant after 2 months. And everything is going great. I don’t know what made me think that what I was living before was a good relationship. get over it, you only see it.”

She continues in her anger towards her ex-mate: “I still took time to rebuild myself. After him, I no longer had any confidence in myself. I also have the feeling that we could have ended much sooner. Why did I stress for a year over a baby project that wasn’t possible anyway? It was torture and it was totally free. I blame him for all that. If I see him one day, I think I’ll spit in his face. I hope so , he does. don’t do this to others. But I’ve decided not to live with this extra guilt. I can’t protect the others. It was her other ex who convinced me of this. If she had told me earlier that he was an asshole, I’m not sure I would have believed her. I was completely blinded by my love for him. The lesson from all of this is that now I trust other women. No more thinking, that all exes are crazy This is an ex who gave me confidence in me and who allowed me to rebuild myself s river.”


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