Euros. At Andelys, Cyana wins the singing children’s podium in Saint-Sauveur

Cyana Arnoult, 9, won the singing podium for 3-11 year olds at the Saint-Sauveur festival in Andelys in Eure. ©The Impartial

For the third day in Feast of Saint-Sauveur to Duck lights (Euros), set the singing stage for 3-11-year-olds on fire along the banks of the Seine Monday 1 August 2022.

The evening was hosted by Ludo, the head of Radio Espace, and the evening began at Four candidates presented themselves at the request of an audience at the meeting.

The jury led by Thiery Lecour, deputy mayor of Andelys, consisted of Jacqueline Araujo, Andelysienne, Muriele Schultz, municipal councilor for Andelys, Willy Wuyts, also municipal councilor and Auriane Bourcier, 1st runner-up for Miss Excellence Normandy. The jurors evaluated the participants based on several criteria such as the mastery of the text and the lyrics, the accuracy, the stage presence and the presence of the voice.

A well-deserved first place

9-year-old Cyana Arnoult appeared to sing singer Indila’s “SOS.” His dazzling performance won over the judges, who awarded him 1st place for the second year in a row, scoring 185 points.

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After the announcement of her victory, at the request of the astonished spectators, the little girl who dreams of becoming a singer performed “Y’a pas que les grands qui rêvent” by Valentina.

“I am happy with my performance, I did not expect it at all, even though I had prepared well. I congratulate the other candidates who also sang very well »

Cyana, winner of the Saint-Sauveur podium for children’s singing in 2022
Aida rose to 2nd place with “Easy on me” by Adèle. ©The Impartial

2nd place went to Aida Diallo, age 8, from Gaillon. She performed Adele’s song “Easy on me”.

Mégane got the ball rolling with “Clic Clic Pan Pan”. ©The Impartial

Mégane Contrainte, an 11-year-old from Andelysienne, launched the festivities at 9 p.m., performing the music “Clic Clic Pan Pan” by Yanns. The jury awarded him third place on the podium with 166 points.

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Lila, age 9, performed “Le temps” by Tayc. ©The Impartial

Nine-year-old Lila Niakaté performed “Le Temps” by Tayc.

Lucie Gaillard Decha, who came on holiday to Les Andelys, sang
Lucie sang “La fillette et le loup”. ©The Impartial

Lucie Gaillard Decha, 8 years old on holiday in Les Andelys sang a capella “La fillette et le loup” by Pierre Chêne. The two young girls finished the march tied for 4th place on the podium. with 161 points.

All the participants received gifts offered by the showmen of the Saint-Sauveur festival, presented by Auriane Bourcier.

Saint-Sauveur starts strong

Between singing stages, fairground attractions and night market, the beginnings of Saint-Sauveur kept their promises. Pictures.

Official opening
Organizers, elected officials and misses were present at the inauguration of the Saint-Sauveur party. ©The Impartial
Saint Sauveur feast Saturday 30 July
The Saint-Sauveur festival was well attended from day one. ©The Impartial
Selfy1 with Pascal Soetens aka Pascal the big brother
Pascal Soeten’s alias Pascal’s older brother attracted the crowd. ©The Impartial
Les Andelys Saint-Sauveur 2022 Raymond from TPMP lent himself to the photo game as here with the young Luka.
Les Andelys Saint-Sauveur 2022 Raymond from TPMP lent himself to the photo game as here with the young Luka. ©The Impartial
Night market 2
The night market seduced. ©The Impartial

Entertainment until Sunday

The Saint-Sauveur celebration continues until Sunday. Here is the program.

Thursday, August 4

21.00: singing stage for adults (from 18 years) hosted by Radio Espace. Registration on Facebook Saint-Sauveur Animation Committee.

Friday, August 5

21.00: meeting with Mickey and Minnie and other characters.

Saturday, August 6

20.30: Motorcycle gathering on the banks of the Seine.

9.30pm: motorcycle torchlight procession.

Sunday, August 7

18.00: draw.

23.00: fireworks of the 8th kind.

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