Meeting: this Breton woman publishes Paul and Josephine, an eco-responsible cartoon for children

The Breton Mélanie Ricard will publish her first youth comic: Paul and Josephine, or eco-responsibility explained to children. ©©Pontivy Journal

She took advantage of her maternity leave and one back to Brittany to settle down cartoon. The former interior designer has become a reality illustrator and will publish his first cartoon: Paul and Josephinetwo children who learn to respect nature and who apprehendenvironmental responsibilitywas designed in central Brittany, in the small town Kergristclose Pontivy (Morbihan). Meet with Melanie Ricard32 years old.

Back to basics and transformation

It’s been two years since she settled in the heart of Brittany, thanks to a return to her Breton roots and a desire to get closer to her loved ones after four years in Alsace. With his family, his spouse and his little son.

Native Window (Ille-et-Vilaine), Mélanie Ricard fell in love with Central Brittany and its tranquility, under the charm of the Pontivyan country. Ideal to start the production of his youth cartoons after starting his career as an architect and interior designer for this famous large Swedish furniture and furnishing group.

I know how to draw from my background in design, but I had never made a character before. I’ve been trying for two years, trying out techniques. I chose watercolor, I love the contact between water and the paintbrush, making colors… I want to continue after this first comic, I already have two or three book ideas in my head!

Mélanie Ricard, designer of Paul and Josephine

Send a message with humor and poetry

And his delicate drawings let you dream: the characters – Paul the Pirate and Josephine the Mermaid – seems to float from side to side, discover the sea, meet whales, but not only… A cartoon for children Starts from 7 years“read only” she indicates where the illustrator takes the necessary space (double pages as breaks) to develop this story.

This first cartoon is about preserving the environment, but also about the second life of objects, about responsible consumption. It’s something I like, I negotiate a lot… I want to transfer this little seed to the children, without having a negative message, but with poetry and humor.

Mélanie Ricard, designer of Paul and Josephine

Of’humor in the bubbles thanks to her spouse, which also touches the layout of the cartoon; texts reviewed by a relative who is a school principal: real family work. That first names of the two characters is further proof of this: “Friends had twins, they called them Paul and Joséphine, I thought it sounded like a fairy tale…” smiles Mélanie Ricard.

Crowfunding and support funds

While the drawings have been ready for two or three months, the cartoon Paul and Josephine will be released in November 2022 thanks to the success of his campaign crowdfunding (on the Breton platform and on a major dealer support fund (which, among other things, will give it points of sale in its stores).

“I reached 150% of the crowdfunding goal in a very short time, thanks to my network, my relatives, my friends…” she explains.

Videos: currently on Actu

A success for sure, but not too visible to the public, “or even to people here who don’t know that a children’s book made in Brittany go outside. “The crowdfunding campaign will continue until September 10, 2022 to create the website to be able to develop Paul and Josephine’s universe…

She wants to develop her brand, between stationery and accessories

Indeed, around comics and its heroes, Mélanie Ricard will create your brand Paul and Josephine. “My dream would be to create household linen Paul and Josephine, environmentally responsible and made in Brittany! she says.

To develop the brand, I will first create stationery, supplies, playful and poetic accessories Paul and Joséphine, which will be made in Brittany and eco-responsible. I want to create a Breton brand with its clearly identifiable universe. It’s just the beginning, I’ll see what comes to fruition or not, but I’ve dreamed of creating things for children for a long time.

Mélanie Ricard, designer of Paul and Josephine

Book published in November 2022, with the launch of website in steps, that is paper trade of the new Paul et Joséphine brand at the end of 2022; she only has to immerse herself in the drawings of her second book eco-responsible, who this time will approach intensive fishing and who will be available for 3-4 year oldsfor publication in 2023. And she’s already thinking about it third volume by Paul and Josephine, where the pirate and the mermaid will learn to tame the unknown… To be continued.

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