10 video games to play this summer whether you’re going on vacation or not

It’s summer and the successive heat waves don’t help, forcing the most sensitive among us to stay locked up all day, the shutters closed, in the dark. But fortunatelyvideo games are here to keep us busy during these heat waves. If the 2022 vintage isn’t well fleshed out, and the AAA is rather rare, there’s no shortage of games with a summery vibe. Going through good old refreshing classics, in a horror way? summer camppiracy or light adventure games, here are 10 games to absolutely play during this month of August.

#10 The Quarry

the quarry, released on June 10, 2022, stands out as the successor toUntil sunrisewhich itself, when it was released in 2015, propelled the type horror game Slasher movie interactive multiple choice.

Except that 7 years later, the quarry does it even better, thanks its further realization, are more fleshed out characters and are broader and more difficult choices. Again, Supermassive Games is in charge of this slasher Bee the atmosphere of the holiday camp far too isolated. Ideal to do during an afternoon or a summer evening with friends.

#9 subnautics

One doesn’t completely leave the horror by summoning Subnauticsthe game was developed in 2014 and then refined in 2018. This exploration and survival adventure game puts us in the shoes of an employee of the company Alterra, whose ship, the Aurora, unfortunately ran aground in the middle of the ocean of an alien planet. Unfortunately, we soon realize that we have to explore these vast deep and disturbing waters to advance in the adventure and try to get out of the terrain.

With solid gameplay for a survival game,a long life, very rich environments to discover and a atmosphere alternating between enchantment and fear (playing this cleverly with our emotions), Subnautics is an engaging game that will appeal to people with long days and nights to kill.

#8 Horizon Forbidden West

Considered the most beautiful game on home consoles, Horizon Forbidden West had to show what the PS5 was capable of graphically. The built-in SSD on Sony’s white tower would also help the game slow down the loading times and run more smoothly. More recently, it is the VRR that has made the fall of frame rate from the Guerilla Games project, to significantly improve the user experience.

Aloy’s adventures in this huge open world with very diverse biomes are a feast for the eyes, but also in terms of content, because in addition to the already interesting scenario, there are still many secrets to discover. A game for lovers of open worlds, discoveries of sublime landscapes and for those who have completed the first opus.

#7 Donkey Kong Land: Tropical Freeze

Originally released for Wii U in 2014, Donkey Kong Land: Tropical Freeze was later ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2018because it is qualitative. Excellent platformThis demanding Donkey Kong sees us chain together the well-crafted levels to restore balance after the Frigoths threw a great wave of cold on the usually abundant jungle.

Thanks to a level design excellent, Tropical Freeze is a delight as it is aimed at both beginners and regulars of the license. With his very successful and complex bosses, DK’s latest adventure will delight platform game fans with a light and relaxed atmosphere.

#6 Super Mario Sunshine

Misunderstood when it was released on Gamecube in 2022, Super Mario Sunshine still has revolutionized mustachioed plumber gameplay, most notably with the addition of the JET, a gadget that doubles as a weapon against enemies and as a thruster for flying through the air. A revolution at the time.

If your Gamecube is still alive, or you own Super Mario 3D All StarsIt’s time to (re)discover Mario’s most summery adventure, where he must free Delfino Island from a mysterious tagger. Demanding, but pleasant, Super Mario Sunshine can you take a vacation if you don’t have one.

#5 Sea of ​​​​​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves was released in 2018 on Xbox Series and PC. Unlike the aforementioned games, Sea of ​​Thieves is a multiplayer game where up to 16 players can live together on a world map in search of treasures and missions. Because yes, it is a pirate game, where it is a matter of working together to get rich while climbing the social ladder of pirates.

If the game was criticized in the beginning for the weakness of the content, updates added by studio Rare worked out the title to make one today gadget among multi-player enthusiasts. Let’s think about the update”Birthday”which brings a new title screen and asks the player to choose their type of experience, between “Adventure” and “Arena“. Thanks to the richness of the content and the festive and exotic atmosphere, Sea of ​​Thieves is perfect for long summer evenings with friends.

#4 wake up link

26 years after its first release on Gameboy, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has been offered a good lick of paint via this remake released on Nintendo Switch in 2019. The pitch hasn’t changed: Link is stranded on a mysterious island and sets out to wake the Dream Fish to perhaps return home.

Unlike, the graphics overhaul is clearly total. Now, in three-quarter view, the 3D is successful, as is the artistic direction, with a pleasant effect “Cheekyou, making the adventure enchanting. In addition, the game is very clear, poetic and invites to discover. If the service life remains very short, Link’s Awakening swallows like a very refreshing ice cream.

#3 BioShock The collection

Bringing together 3 games from a cult saga in one title is like Naughty Dog with not mappedwhat 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive did in 2016 by grouping BioShock, BioShock 2 and Bioshock infinite.

If the changes made are almost non-existent compared to the original works (if not an almost constant 60 fps and a display in 1080p), it’s always good to dive back in the claustrophobic atmosphere of Bioshock. A cult saga for the quality of its atmosphere and its city of Rapture, a kind of Atlantis (for the first two opus), but also for its history and its atypical artistic direction.

#2 fall guys

There is almost no need to introduce Autumn boysthis kind of battle royale in which the goal is to reach the end of the race totally crazy inspired by Clear total. Playable with 60 players, the goal is to the ultimate survivor in crazy journeys, these grouped into 4 categories: race, team, survival and logic.

The game contains something moreabout twenty challenges, divided into 5 elimination rounds of approximately 15 minutes. If we quickly made the rounds of the minigames available, the replayability will be total and therefore each part will be unique.

#1 Kirby and the Forgotten World

Last game of this list, Kirby and the Forgotten World. Available on Switch since March 25 this first Kirby adventure in 3D sees the little pink ball forced to restore the Waddle Dee Village to greatness after being sucked into a black hole.

Near games like Super Mario 3D World Where super mario odyssey, this platformer keeps his interest by the diversity of the proposed worlds, the beauty of the 3D landscapes and the very successful gameplayi. Big plus, transmorphism, an ability that puts a new spin on the gameplay and allows Kirby to coat certain objects to use them to progress.

If the game isn’t known for its difficulty and length, fans of the genre will be able to find what’s right for them during this ultra-adventure. pleasure and colorful.

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