15 trendy bedroom decor ideas for adults

Since it is a place of relaxation, the bedroom should be carefully decorated. Here are 15 ideas for adopting a trendy adult bedroom decor.

15 ideas for decorating an adult bedroom

Bedroom in gray and white design Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

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Here are 15 ideas for decorating an adult bedroom:

Idea number 1: Soft tones to create a soothing atmosphere. You can choose shades of pink, blue, beige and white. These tones are easy to harmonize with other colors and evoke tranquility. This bedroom decoration is ideal because it promotes sleep.

Bedroom for adults in powder tones. Credit: Istock

Idea number 2: A bedding set to brighten up your decor: think about playing with colors and patterns for a visually soothing balance.

Bedroom with patterned bed linen. Credit: Istock

Idea number 3: A decoration naturally inspired by the elements of nature: you can opt for a cork headboard, raw wood tables or a woven rug. This decorative idea is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. It is also possible to add wooden log tables and a few candles.

Zen room in neutral tones. Credit: Istock

Idea number 4: A vegetable decoration : Use all kinds of green plants to bring your interior to life.

Plant Room. Credit: Istock

Idea number 5: A exotic atmosphere : opt for classic furniture and a palm wallpaper. As for colors, prefer neutral tones such as light blue or gray.

Bedroom with vegetable wallpaper. Credit: Istock

Idea number 6: Small artisan furniture made of raw wood as a bedside table.

Room with wooden furniture. Credit: Istock

Idea number 7 : Lots of pillows in different sizes and shapes on the bed.

Put lots of pillows to decorate your bed. Credit: Istock

Idea number 8: A Art Deco Style to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere: opt for a round and gold bedside table and velvet bedding in dark tones.

Art deco bedroom. Credit: Istock

Idea number 9: A colorful chair in pastel shades (green, pink, yellow, blue…) instead of a bedside table.

Bedroom in pastel tones. Credit: Istock

Idea number 10: Shelves as a bookcase above the headboard.

Shelf above the bed for decoration and storage. Credit: Istock

Idea number 11: Dried flowers hung on a four-poster bed: thanks to their vintage side, they give an unconventional style to the room.

Elegant composition of bedroom interior with dried flowers in a vase. Credit: Istock

Idea number 12: A headboard with wooden planks for an original and graphic style.

An original wooden headboard. Credit: Istock

Idea number 13: Linen bedding: This natural material is more resistant than cotton. It gives a contemporary style to the bedroom with its crumpled look.

Stack of linen sheets and blankets. Credit: Istock

Idea number 14: A bed installed on a platform: this not only optimizes the available surface on the floor, but also emphasizes the furniture.

Bedroom in dark tones. Credit: Istock

Idea number 15: Hooks on one of the bedroom walls to hang your coats and bags, while not visually overloading the space.

Bedroom with a small dressing room. Credit: Istock

A few tips for decorating an adult bedroom

White bedroom interior with a plant, lamps, baskets and two picture frames on the wall Credit :-slave-

Here are some tips for carefully decorating a adult bedroom :

  • Working on the atmosphere according to a specific theme;
  • Choose colors that match. This trick can be applied in the bedroom as well as in the living room;
  • Install a headboard to complement your bedding;
  • Choose your furniture according to your wishes and the available space: if you have a lot of clothes, opt for a large dressing room;
  • Bet on a Zen decoration (feng shui): give preference to decorative elements in natural materials, according to your taste and your wishes. For example, you can adopt a relaxing painting to create a serene atmosphere. Feel free to hang a few wicker baskets on your wall. In addition, put a few decorative pillows on your mattress to make your bed a really soft corner. To adopt a Japanese style and create a serene and calm atmosphere, install a futon in your room;
  • Choose a layout minimalistic : choose suitable storage furniture for this;
  • Bet on a graphic wallpaper or a more sober color. Keep in mind that dark shades are suitable for large rooms;
  • Add pendant lights to accentuate a decorative accessory or area of ​​the room;
  • Install an awning to give your bedroom character: If you have a large bedroom, separate it from the bathroom by installing an awning. This trick allows you to create two spaces while maintaining the brightness of the room. In addition, a roof gives it charm.
  • The bedding set is an essential element to consider when decorating a bedroom. Choose quality textiles, whether it’s for your duvet cover or your pillows. Remember to play with different materials. You can opt for blackout curtains, a shag or colored rug or even elegant sheer curtains;
  • Choose a sober and classic decor : for this it is advisable to paint your walls in a soft color such as white, beige or gray.

What colors to use in an adult bedroom?

Elegant and spacious bedroom of a modern apartment Credit : Download it

Here are some color ideas to use in an adult bedroom:

  • Pink for a delicate bedroom: nude pink fits perfectly in a bedroom. This color brings a cocooning atmosphere, both in an adult room and in a children’s room. The powdery and light pink goes well with all shades. You can associate it with a water green or a dark shade;
  • Blue for an elegant bedroom: this color can be used in small accents or as a total look on the walls. It is also possible to combine it with other tones;
  • White: This fresh, bright and neutral shade fits perfectly into your intimate space. Don’t hesitate to add a few pops of color to the bedding or accessories. Bet on pastel colors such as light gray, water green, light blue or powder pink;
  • Terracotta for a dynamic bedroom;
  • Beige for a timeless bedroom;
  • Purple: This color is both elegant and soothing. You can go for a dark purple or even a dark shade like parma or lilac. Easy to combine, this shade goes perfectly with light pink, green or off-white. On the other hand, use it in small doses so as not to overload the room;
  • A green and pink duo to give an original touch;
  • Green for a lavish bedroom: this soothing color fits perfectly in this space dedicated to relaxation. It evokes nature and promotes sleep. To create a beautiful harmony with the palette of greens, you can combine green with blue as a secondary color. Feel free to add white to freshen up the atmosphere. Water green and pastel blue can go together perfectly in a bedroom. You can choose a deeper and darker green for accents on your accessories, bedding, some pillows or your carpet. Do not forget to add light and natural materials;
  • Pastel colors for a poetic atmosphere.

The natural colors are welcome in a master bedroom. Soft and enveloping, they create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and falling asleep. You can choose shades of beige, white and sand. These colors are suitable for all seasons, both summer and winter. As for the lighter shades, they allow you to brighten and enlarge a narrow space without light. These shades create a serene atmosphere, whether it be bedding, walls, decorative accessories or a rug. They can be associated with a few color tips such as soft green or blue. Avoid dark shades such as black as much as possible.

What style of decoration in an adult bedroom?

Scandinavian bedroom interior Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Being a separate room in a house or apartment, the bedroom should be decorated according to your wishes (Scandinavian, modern, Zen style, bohemian chic decor…). Scandinavian atmospheres create a warm cocoon. Here are the different styles you can use in this room:

  • the scandinavian style : to adopt it, it is advisable to bet on pastel shades, soft colors or natural materials. To enhance the feeling of space, you can paint the walls in very light beige or white. Be seduced by an anthracite gray or duck blue colour. Bet on very soft throws, large comfortable cushions or furry poufs. With a Scandinavian chair you can furnish a functional office space.
  • the industrial style : In a master bedroom with bathroom, install a workshop canopy to illuminate the space as much as possible. This style of decoration welcomes metal in all its forms: recycled metal bed, sconces with floor lamps…
  • the modern designer style : it is perfect for lovers of pure white. Light sources play an essential role in modern bedroom decor. As for the decoration, it will be necessary to choose the objects sparingly.
  • the stylish classic style : it brings a romantic, cozy and serene atmosphere. It is advisable to opt for a headboard in pastel shades. For the walls, choose a taupe or pastel paint to create a calm and soft atmosphere.
  • the vintage style : This bedroom style is suitable for retro lovers. Opt for a four-poster bed and add a lamp to a lacquered wooden bedside table. Also, a retro vintage ceiling lamp is intended to improve the atmosphere of the room.

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