A couple with 2 children just order a dish, the waitress understands the alarm

Judith worked as a waitress at a famous restaurant in her town. When a family shows up one day to eat at a table they work with. However, one detail caught his attention. The parents didn’t seem to want to feed their little girl, who obviously needed it immediate help. She begins to worry about the little girl and seeks help from her colleagues.

A curious little family

The family in question included both parents and two children. A little boy and a little girl. These four family members took their seats in the restaurant, and the waitress immediately noticedone detail seemed strange. The waitress therefore used her many visits to monitor the four guests. The young woman benefited from a certain experience that allowed her to detect if something was there didn’t walk around. Then she trusted her intuition.

For her part, Judith had also noticed that the child was not participating in the discussions at the rest of the table. The little girl wasn’t sulking, she seemed uncomfortable, even anxious. She did not show the same reaction as the people who followed her. Thereby, she wasn’t kidding with them she thought paralyzed out of fear. As if something scared him.

Asks the waitress

At times the little girl wanted to leave the table, but her father firmly forbade her to go. The waitress offered to serve them their meal. When she finishes putting the dishes on the table, she asks the parents an important question. She actually asks the parents if the person who registered their order did not forget to indicate the choice of the little girl. This question prompted a wave of embarrassment around the table. One of the parents, clearly distraught, answered it their daughter would not eat.

The servant Judith then got an idea. She uses her knowledge of the geography of the place to convey a message to the young girl. As the two children sat across from their parents, it seemed easy for him to move away from the sight of the pair. She therefore places herself behind a pole so that the girl’s brother cannot see her either. So she then wrote a message on her note pad and discreetly had the young girl read it. She then asked: You need help? “. The girl nodded, looking even more anxious. The waitress thus entrusted her employer with the mission of finding a backup plan.

Take it fast »

With the consent of her employer, the waitress worked out a plan with one of her colleagues. And this to separate the little girl from her father. A waiter spills soda on the father to force him to go to the bathroom. When the father is gone, Judith takes it upon herself to intervene and take the girl to the toiletto give him an opportunity to explain what is happening to him.

The plan worked as expected. When the father went into the bathroom, Judith approached the table. And this to find out if the girl’s mother would accept the waitress taking her to the bathroom for a moment to clean her up. The mother of the family seemed hesitant, but then accepted the waitress’s offer. The mother even said to the waitress: “Grab it quick”. All this before the father returns to the dressing table.

Did the waitress succeed in her mission?

Once separated from his parents, the little girl finally seemed calm. Judith had just started to ask him what was wrong when there was a racket outside the door. It was about the father who wanted his daughter back. In a panic, Judith wanted to bar the door first. However, the father was determined and even revealed himself threatening.

Judith and the child have finally made the decision to come out of hiding. The waitress then seemed more than determined to find out what happened to this little girl. With her colleagues and a few clients, Judith haskept the family from leaving the restaurant. She asked for explanations from the parents. The father was therefore seized by a gene. He even explained that it doesn’t look like that… ». He then explained the reasons why he had decided not to feed his daughter and in the end Judith found it hard to believe him…

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