Animated Movie Review: Krypto and the Super Beasts [2022] by Bastien L.

Review of the French version

Superheroes in cinema is a love story as strong as the one between animals and animated cinema. So when the animated film Krypto and the Super-Animals brings superhero animals to the cinema, we tell ourselves that it can only work!

If you know crypto super dog, Ace Bat-DogThe turtle merton or Ch’p the alien rodent, then you are a fan of the DC Comics universe. Otherwise, the super animals that have appeared in comics are mainly as teammates of very famous superheroes. The most well-known is of course Crypto established in 1955 and companion of Super boy/Superman and appeared in many media until he got his own adventures in a TV series in 2005. And it was in 2018 that the animation department of Warner Bros. (also owner of DC comics) decides to launch a project around super animals conceived as one origin story. The project is entrusted to screenwriter and producer Jared Stern, whom the company knows well, as he has already written scripts for his own productions such as the friendly Lego Batman, the movie or LEGO Ninjago. The American is as experienced in animation as he is in comedy, and here he directs his second film after comedy happy Anniversary (2018) for Netflix. While they are assisted by the co-director Sam Levinehe heads an approximately $100 million production, with Dwayne Johnson doubling as the lead character while producing through his company Seven Bucks Productions. As for the animation, it was split between Warner Animation and the studio Animal logic has already worked on the Lego movies mentioned above.

The beginning of the film tells us the story of Superman and his dog Cryptothe last survivors of the planet Krypton and heroes on earth. While the friendship is merged and exclusive from Krypto’s point of view, clark kent/Superman has other plans. His dog has difficulty accepting that the relationship between his master and Lois Lane turns serious as he struggles to make friends while seeing other superheroes as mere associates of his master. At the same time, we witness the bleak life of animals living in a shelter while they await possible adoption: the determined and lonely dog Acethe optimist soen PBthe disturbed squirrel chipsthe senile turtle merton and especially the demonic porpoise Lulu. The latter is a survivor of the villain’s experiments Lex Luthor for whom she has boundless admiration. She takes advantage of a plan from her former “master” failed to bring in kryptonite orange in shelter. This causes him to acquire great powers, such as giving them to the other residents of the refuge. Lulu takes the opportunity to create an army of super pig turkeys and captures all the members Justice League including Superman. As Krypto tries to save his master, he realizes that Lulu fed him kryptonite, causing him to lose his powers. He will have to ask Ace, PB, Chip and Merton for help while training them because his last one discovers that they are super animals.

Effective seems to be the best qualifier to fit Krypto and the Super Beasts starting with its scenario. The film was sold as a superhero action comedy wrapped in family entertainment and that is totally what it gives us. We are entitled to the quintessence of popcorn movie for the whole family, participating in a deluge of superheroes, cute animals, powerful supervillains, humor in all senses or even a few sequences of emotions. The scenario is well marked from start to finish, and we wallow in it quite comfortably, knowing that the soup we’re being offered is good, even if it’s not surprising. Apparently, Jared Stern (also screenwriter) was inspired by experiences he had in an animal shelter to try to give their letters of nobility to often unloved and neglected animals. This is the main theme of the film, namely the complex relationships between humans and their animals, especially the unconditional love of dogs. Between the fear of losing his best friend status and the burning desire to be adopted, the film aims to be a feel-good demonstration of the famous power of friendship. This can be understood as much in the relationship between humans and livestock as between Crypto and the band off Super expensive who get to know each other. Certain themes, such as certain scenes, are particularly reminiscent of the Toy Story saga.

This well-crafted family entertainment with exposed themes therefore works for what it really is, and thus lacks depth or an extra soul to prevent it from being more than an enjoyable show. The creators of the film especially took the DC Comics universe to a big playground and had fun. We therefore find the main members Justice League which often intervenes in the film and causes beautiful action scenes, but above all a humor that plays a lot on the reputation of each hero. The film’s humor is also very diverse, really aimed at the different audiences that will see the film (children/parents, insiders of the genre, fans of DC comics…) can be a lot cartoon or, on the contrary, quite angry at our current society. All the while you run the risk of being scattered and sometimes getting a little out of breath. Nevertheless, it is still pleasant to see slightly funny versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg or Green Lantern… As for the artistic direction, it is very classic with a nice approach Art Deco for the appearance of the city Metropolis. We stay on familiar ground in terms of people, animals and color choices. Once again, we aim here for efficiency.

In terms of the quality of its animation, Krypto and Super-Animals clearly cannot claim to play in the big leagues, both the rendering of the various textures (especially the animal skins) and the purely technical aspect of the animation. The work never impresses us. This does not prevent the whole from being very well animated with the requisite battles with superpowers. There are times when it bursts from everywhere with great dynamism to our greatest happiness. In short, the action scenes completely do the job. This makes it possible to once again highlight the efficiency via the production as well as the editing, demonstrating the degree to which Jared Stern masters the codes of big show cinema as well as comedy. As for French dubbing, luckily we have the right to professionals for most roles with voices that stick really well as actors who have a good handle on the rhythm of the comedy. The only voice really known outside the dubbing world is that of Muriel Robin which masterfully doubles Lulu. Finally, there is still what we call “star talents” who come from other worlds (music and presenting TV programs here) and for whom we will unfortunately serve too much soup. It’s a shame that the French version has to adapt to slightly off-topic guests like this.

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