collection from a newcomer to the world of mini PCs

A newcomer to the world of mini PCs, GEEKOM is a brand founded in 2003 in Taiwan and has a long experience in designing computer products. We’ve had a chance to cover all three models in GEEKOM’s 2022 mini PC lineup, and to say the least, we’re not disappointed.

When it comes to design, we first notice that the same care has been taken with quality throughout the range. No by-product here, a brand DNA is created that makes a GEEKOM product instantly recognizable: good finishes, large ventilation grille on the sides, presence of numerous ports including an SD card reader and indication of the speed of each data port directly above it.

Whatever the model, the mini PC makes the most of the extension resources supported by the processor. We also note the presence of very fast ports with at least USB 3.2 Gen2 (10 Gbits/s) and up to USB 4 (20 Gbits/s) on all models. No deadlock on the evolution capabilities with two available DDR4 RAM slots, an M.2 SSD slot compatible with SATA3 and NVMe and the possibility to add an additional SSD in 2.5″ format (except for the Mini Air11 model, reduced in size by definition).

All models support multiple 4K displays simultaneously. They also come equipped and ready to use with Windows 11 Pro already installed and license activated, not to mention the VESA mounting kit to install small machines right behind a screen.

Three products make up the 2022 range of GEEKOM mini PCs.

The GEEKOM Mini IT8 / Mini IT8 SE

The GEEKOM Mini IT8 is the first mini PC produced by GEEKOM. It’s a small system that represents the pinnacle of Intel’s Coffee Lake technology. It is equipped with an Intel i5-8259U (Mini IT8 i5) or Core i3-8109U (Mini IT8 SE-i3) processor, depending on the option chosen, combined with an integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 graphics circuit.

So it is a perfect mini PC for office tasks, internet, multimedia, and you can even try out image editing and production of not too heavy videos, as well as playing certain games like Fortnite or Minecraft. In these applications, the GEEKOM Mini IT8 will be discreet and reactive.

The GEEKOM MiniAir 11

The GEEKOM MiniAir 11 is the most compact of the range, a small machine (11.7cm x 11.2cm x 3.4cm) with great potential. She can handle all office automation, multimedia and internet tasks in complete discretion. Its performance and very low consumption make it quite possible to convert it into a 4K HTPC (home computer for video) or even a small Linux or Windows server.

Despite its small size, the machine has interesting development potential by adding a DDR4 RAM memory module or even replacing the SSD with an NVMe model. The well-crafted and finished design gives it a high-end look and allows it to sit proudly on a desk corner, but also disappear completely behind a screen thanks to the included VESA mount.

The GEEKOM Mini IT11 (i5/i7)

With the Mini IT11, the GEEKOM brand offers the flagship of its series of mini PCs with an Intel I5-1155G7 or I7-1195G7 processor (4 cores / 8 threads) that can reach 5 GHz, dual-channel DDR4 memory and a NVMe SSD. The build quality is there, as is the range of features offered by the small machine.

The mini machine has two USB 4 ports of 20 Gbit/s, to which you can each connect a screen or an external graphics card, supplemented by an HDMI port and a mini DisplayPort… That’s the possibility to connect up to 4 to connect. screens in 4K/UHD. Only that.

Unless you have extreme needs, the GEEKOM Mini IT11 will be able to meet all internet / office automation / multimedia applications for years to come. And at the end of its life, the small GEEKOM machine can be easily recycled into an HTPC (home computer for video playback), with infrared remote control and 4K video streaming.

All this in a volume of only 11.2 cm x 11.7 cm x 4.6 cm.

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