Do we like J-RPG when we are young in 2022?

J-RPG is a complex subgenre governed by codes that can sometimes intimidate communities of players. From my own experience, I can say that it is a genre that goes beyond the niche it may be wrongly attributed to. And if I told you that the genre, although not very young, can still appeal to the youngest.

J-RPG is a multi-medium [Kuro]

When we analyze some Japanese RPG licenses, we can realize that they are multi-medium. The youngest loves anime, it’s no longer a secret! naruto, Attack of the Titans, Demon Slayer… So many Japanese productions that can be found in large numbers on TikTok or even on Twitter. And if you ask a part of anime fans, which country all these productions come from, I am sure that less than half of them will give the right answer.

Scarlet Nexus

Why am I talking to you about anime? It is simple. Many J-RPG licenses have been eligible for quality animated adaptations. Recently we received an adaptation of the game Scarlet Nexusbut also of Blue reflection Passing by The Legend of Mana which will come in the fall of 2022. Young people love anime, so why not the J-RPGs related to them? Especially since anime from J-RPGs is always of impeccable quality. We agree that all of this is a marketing ploy to highlight the game or license, but these productions are nonetheless qualitative.

The Legend of Mana

A few days ago I told you about the license Yo-Kai watch, which also benefits from an animated adaptation. But honestly, when I look at it, I might be 36 years old and well, I still laugh so hard! (It is a lot [an]). Watching anime related to a license allows the player to immerse themselves in its universe.

J-RPG for young people
Yo-kai watch

There are hundreds of anime that can give young people the opportunity to take a step forward in the fantastic world of J-RPG, here is a small list:

If you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to share your favorite J-RPG series with us.

The universes of J-RPGs are extremely rich. There is bound to be one license or the other that will please our young blonde, brown, curly, straight heads…

It’s all about being good teachers to guide the youngest towards licenses similar to them. At JRPGFR, our aim is to promote this genre which is a part of our respective lives and what could be more beautiful than introducing our youngsters to licenses that charmed us as children. To see in their eyes the same spark that makes us write these few lines today.

Today, thanks to all the remakes and remasters, today’s youth can discover The lumps that shook the childhood of 35-40-year-olds. In fact, FFVII is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the remake has been around for a few years. The game was completely swallowed give way to action-oriented gameplay, likely more appealing to younger players.

J-RPG FFVII remake
Stand up young people! Become a soldier in FFVII Remake!

License mana has also given itself a facelift with the 2020 release of Trials of Mana. Another series of games that we discovered when we were the age of today’s “kids”!

Looking ahead, the future looks bright with the upcoming release of One Piece Odyssey ! The animated license invites itself into the J-RPG with all the success we can imagine. Between the “old” players like us and the new young players who know One Piece and want to go ahead of the license created by Eiichiro Oda. Young people who appreciate the genre and are curious could thus turn to the reference, for its gameplay and its graphics, Dragon Quest XI!

Look who’s coming! It’s One Piece Odyssey!

Young people enjoy the game Crossing animals Will be able to try the new game out soon Square Enix : Harvestella. Both games offer farming, relationships between characters and many other activities!

To conclude, I think the Japanese RPG genre has a very bright future ahead of it. Developers and publishers can share old stories update according to today’s tastes and at the same time revive the mood of the fans. At the same time as new licenses appear and come to compete with existing leaders!

A plural genre rooted in its new generation [Sadness]

Every generation has its J-RPG which triggers some players. We can’t say that a title sucks or not, it’s more about us appreciating or not appreciating the different layers that the subject offers us.

Today, as Kuro points out, J-RPG is becoming a multimedia. With the explosion of Japanese animation and manga in France, it is unlikely that a young person does not know this or that title. However, a J-RPG remains a niche game, especially due to the over-mediation of certain games such as Horizon: Forbidden West, call of duty etc.

However, the Japanese RPG is doing well today, through the existence of social networks that we didn’t have at the time. Thanks to a platform like Twitch, a young person can perfectly come across a videographer he likes on a title he doesn’t know. Let’s take a simple example that can also be related to what Kuro pointed out. Series persons began to explode in terms of its sales thanks to its fifth opus, which we have seen a lot on the networks and which has also been translated into its version Royal. Nonetheless Shin Megami Tensei was a series completely opposite to what a basic J-RPG likes Final Fantasy or one Tales of.

I’m not saying these titles aren’t good, but there’s a big difference between globally recognized series and others that were much more divisive and seen as games made for a certain type of player. ONE persons don’t play as one Final Fantasy because of its difficulty in handling. We can even take into account Dark souls which was reserved for so-called “elite” players and which today especially thanks to Fire Ringenjoys a strong fame even among the youngest.

What is also significant in J-RPG is that some companies manage to make games that are both easy to access and also difficult according to our wishes. ONE Destiny Connect will be a perfect game for youngsters and provide the basics while a Shin Megami Tensei V can be run in increased difficulty or just for its story.

It all really depends on how you look at video games and especially what you like. A young person who appreciates anime will turn to a J-RPG much faster than a big Call of Duty or FIFA lover. And yet, thanks to social networks and the mediatization of our favorite genre, we notice that J-RPG can be loved by everyone.

In conclusion, I think J-RPG can be enjoyed by young people because of or thanks to everything we’ve talked about (whether it’s Natural, Kuro, or myself). The fact is that this genre can affect universally through its story, its different universes or even other things that a young person may know; like the dangers of the internet, love, friendship and so on. These qualities make J-RPG a plural genre that can benefit everyone.

And you? Have you started J-RPG recently? Tell us your story in the comments!

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