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Théo Curin is no longer a heart to take. After a doomed relationship with a certain Eugenie, the actor has found a smile with another young woman. AmoMama gives you more details about it.

Théo Curin is very active on social networks and does not hesitate to share photos of him and his companion to the delight of his subscribers.


Born on April 20, 2000, Théo Curin immediately caught the public’s attention as soon as he entered the world of showbiz. And with good reason, the swimmer had had 4 amputations. At the time, aged 6, he had contracted meningitis. As a result, the comedian was hospitalized for several months.

So that’s when his arms and feet were amputated. Her mother, Stephanie Curin, said doctors did everything to save her limbs, but to no avail. The comedian’s mother also couldn’t help but worry about her son after his amputations.

After this ordeal, Théo Curin especially had to learn to do many things again, such as eating or brushing his teeth. Fortunately, during this difficult period he was always able to count on the support of his parents.

In the columns on Gala, he had said that his parents never felt “disgust” towards his person. On the contrary, they have always been proud of Theo.

“And it carried me”,

he added.

Even with the absence of its members, Théo Curin has always aimed high. Over time, he was no longer able to pay attention to other people’s gazes and would take up challenges. Note that it was thanks to Philippe Croizon that he had clicked. From then on, the beautiful brunette was no longer afraid of water and joined the French disabled sports team. Very gifted, the swimmer won many titles.

Besides that, he also tried his hand as a model. And for some time now, he has donned the actor’s cap. Also, Théo Curin is on the bill of “Handigang”. In this fiction, the actor stars with the beautiful Alessandra Sublet. The two actors especially formed a bond of friendship during the filming of the film.

“This guy is absolutely brilliant”,

Alessandra said of the young man. Words that surely please Theo.


If his career seems to be going well, Theo Curin’s love life is very eventful. Keep in mind that for a while the actor was in a relationship with a young woman named Eugenie. If we had thought that they were inseparable, the two young people ended up parting ways with time.

After this breakup, they went their separate ways. In particular, Eugénie found love in the arms of another young man, a year after her separation from the actor. Very active on Instagram, it is on the social network that the beautiful brunette presented her new companion.

On the series of photos published by Eugenie, the latter seems more complicit than ever with her new lover. And the least we can say is that the two lovebirds make a very nice pair.

As for the lucky winner, his name is Alexis. He studies at STAPS in Nantes and has a dream physics.

If Eugénie quickly turned the page on her love story with Théo Curin, the latter did the same. During the filming of Beijing Express, the beautiful brunette fell in love with the daughter of one of his hosts. The latter is of Sri Lankan origin and is very handsome, according to the famous actor from “Handigang”.

During the filming, Theo did not hesitate to court the young woman. The two even posed for a picture and the comedian had asked the Sri Lankan to send it to him. It seems therefore that there was a feeling between Theo and the young woman. The latter also showed a picture of her in sexy clothes, which made an impression on the swimmer.

But if the flow went very well between the actor and his Sri Lankans, it is another young woman we saw with the beautiful brunette some time ago.


Months after his separation from Eugénie Vincent, Théo Curin has finally found love. And no, it is not the Sri Lankan he had met during the Beijing Express, but another woman.

It was on his Instagram account that the actor introduced his new girlfriend to his fans. Note that the beautiful brunette is followed by more than 180,000 people on the social network. In the photos published by Theo to formalize his couple, we could see that the two lovebirds took advantage of a short walk in Disneyland Paris.

“Quiet at Mickey’s”,

wrote the young man as a caption for his post.

Of course, internet users have not failed to react to these photos of Théo Curin and his new girlfriend. Many of them were happy to see that the comedian has finally found love. Public figures such as Cindy Sander, Valentin Leonard and even Alessandra Sublet also reacted to the publication of the beautiful brunette.

So far, no personal details about Theo Curin’s lover have been revealed. We still know that she has an account in the name “maricamfab” on Instagram. She also shared a video of her little moment at Disneyland with Theo on her profile.

In addition, during another romantic outing, the actor also posted a photo of his beloved in his story. He added a heart-eye emoji. Théo Curin is clearly very much in love with his new girlfriend. Hopefully his relationship will last this time.

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