Florent Pagny victim of cancer: the singer has changed completely because of his illness!

Florent Pagny, who suffers from lung cancer, does not let himself be defeated. He does his best to keep your spirits up and stay positive. The singer also confided in Nikos Aliagas in an exclusive interview with Gala magazine. He explained to the host how the disease has redefined the meaning of his priorities.

Florent Pagny is facing cancer

In January 2022, Florent Pagny announced terrible news. He is suffering from lung cancer and has to undergo several sessions of chemotherapy. The announcement had the effect of a bombshell. The singer’s fans couldn’t believe it.

To reassure them, the interpreter of “know how to love” said a few weeks later that he was better. On May 10, 2022, he said sohe only had chemo left and that her cancer had shrunk significantly. If at the beginning the tumor was the size “of a kiwi”the first two chemos reduced his height to “a nut”.

This gave some hope to the fans who became bloody for the singer. Note that the latter has always been positive. Despite his illness, he maintained his confidence. Which allowed him to hold on. Especially since he said he was “very well surrounded medically”.

Florent Pagny remains positive

His friend Éric Serra, who also has cancer, spoke about how Florent is handling the situation. According to him, although what he lives is not easy at all, the singer does not give up. He told in the columns of the Parisian:

“We talked a lot with Florent. It happened to us at the same time (…) We exchanged small messages, we called each other (…) We talked about chemo, what we felt (…) Florent is special positive. He fishes.”

To prepare for his final chemotherapy, Florent Pagny recharged his batteries on Mont-Saint-Michel accompanied by his family. On the spot, Nikos Aliagas spoke to him. An interview that is fully published in Gala in its May 12, 2022 edition.

During his interview, the singer talked about his battle against illness. He said he is doing his best to keep his spirits up, although it is far from easy. He also tries not to ask too many questions because, according to him, the answers can sometimes be overwhelming.

“Now I’m coming out of the tunnel (…) This form of cancer woke me up and it redefined the meaning of my priorities,” explained the interpreter of “The Soldier”.

In addition, training for “The voice” promised his fans to return to the stage once they were healed. He plans to do that too complete his 60th anniversary tour which he had to cancel due to illness.

“As long as my voice is there, I’m here! I’m not giving up!”, he declared.

The unfailing support of his family

Florent Pagny can count on his family, and he knows it. Since learning about his cancer, the singer support received from her. They helped him and did their best to keep his spirits up. His wife Azucena Camano has always been there. She supported him and did not allow him to let go.

“I was very well accompanied by my other half, my children, and then there were these thousands of messages, testimonies of love, support and good vibes”, confided Florent Pagny.

For information, Florent and his wife met for the first time in 1993 during a dinner. At the time, the singer had just gotten out of a relationship with Vanessa Paradis. Love at first sight after operating, the two become a couple. In 1996, they welcomed their first child, Inca.

Three years later, another points the tip of his nose. A girl named Ael. Convinced of their feelings, Florent Pagny and Azucena married in 2006. A love that seems to be solid, because until this day the couple love each other like the first day.

“Our destiny was made to meet and accompany each other to come back exactly from where I was, at the bottom of the hole and to surpass myself”, declared the singer on the set at 20:30 on Sunday.

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