How do you destabilize a narcissistic pervert?

A relationship with a narcissistic pervert always leads to suffering. Faced with such an individual, the only escape is flight, which is not so easy. Fortunately, there is an effective technique for achieving freedom from the grip of a narcissistic pervert.

Destructive, toxic, manipulative and master of the art of making others suffer, the narcissistic pervert is a true poison in the lives of those who frequent him. It distills its poison of perversion and manages, with a touch of pettiness and pretense, to install one dependence in his victim, hold him in a constant fear. What you need to know is that it is almost impossible for a narcissistic pervert to question himself and change. For your own survival, you must therefore take to your heels. Find our tips for destabilize a narcissistic pervert and escape from this toxic relationship.

Identify the signs of narcissistic perversion

Living with a narcissistic pervert is a situation that is often destabilizing. Actually an expert in handling, he alternates the phases of honeymoon and cruelty, driving his victim over time into fear, devaluation and loss of trust. You will be constantly wracked with guilt and wonder what the hell you did to cause these reactions in him. Know that the fault is not yours.

The narcissistic pervert suffers from a psychological error. His neuroses find an answer when he manages to gain the upper hand over a person who submits. This is also what explains why he often, unconsciously, looks for a partner who seems to him more withdrawn, sensitive, submissive, benevolent and whom he thinks he can easily handle. It is therefore important to know the signs that are not deceiving to be able to identify a narcissistic pervert and protect yourself. Once done, you can then implement a technique to get out of the infernal spiral into which the narcissistic pervert leads you.

Show that we are not afraid of him

What a narcissistic pervert seeks and what turns him on is a victim that is completely beneath him hold. He’s looking for one submission perfect and will do everything to ensure that fear does not leave you. As soon as you start to rebel and no longer accept his behavior with closed eyes, he will start to become destabilized. You have to ignore any expression of your feelings and emotions towards him. Yes, when he perceives your problems or yours sufferinghe feeds off it, enjoys it and uses it against you to further destroy you.

The narcissistic pervert is unable to empathize for his victim. He is insincere and his whole modus operandi is to manipulate, lie and try to dominate. Once you make him feel that his manipulations no longer have any effect on you, he will no longer know how to exert his control.

Confront the narcissistic pervert

facing contradictions

Narcissistic perverts are very good at deceiving people around them. So they are manipulators and liars that when you comment on his toxic attitude, people will think you are the one who is not normal, problematic and even paranoid. To get out of the narcissistic pervert’s grip, destabilize him and remove him from your life, you have to confront him face to face, discredit him. In fact, the first fear of a narcissistic pervert is to know revealed by his entourage.

When he lies and overplays in front of others, don’t hesitate to punch his ego. Exposing his lies by standing up to him is everything he doesn’t expect from you. He will be so surprised and humiliated that he will be destabilized. However, be careful because this frontal technique can be dangerous with certain narcissistic personalities who may react with fysical violence.

Bring him face to face with his opposites

Narcissistic perverts excel in the art of ambiguity. They are able to twist your brain with meaningless words and explanations and convince you that it is your fault. The narcissistic pervert plays confusion for you keep track of. Her psychological dominance pushing him to create murky situations to exhaust you mentally. In order to destabilize him, we must therefore no longer throw in the towel on his lies and his manipulations.

Narcissistic personalities like to play with innuendo. It is therefore necessary to return to his remarks by directly asking him to be more clear. He should no longer be able to turn situations around or escape. You must stand firm and focused on your goal of getting an answer and getting him to admit he’s lying or getting him to keep his commitments.

Define the limits not to exceed

One of the pieces of advice to follow to destabilize a narcissistic pervert is to stop letting go of yourself. You will have to learn to make yourself respected. In fact, as Dr. Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist, narcissistic perverts do not heal. Unable to question yourself and therefore ask for help, it is up to you to act to free yourself from its yoke. Setting boundaries and sticking to them is therefore one of the first steps. You will have to learn to say “NO” and stick to it.

It’s time to stop accepting the humiliations of getting rid of affective dependence. Psychologists advise using the “broken record” technique when faced with the narcissistic perverse toxic behavior. This means that you should not even try to argue with him and repeat your objections in a loop with calmness and serenity.

Grieving the romantic relationship

Narcissistic perverts are unable to make anyone happy for the simple reason that they are unable to know what the other person needs.

Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist

mourn the relationship

If until then you felt guilty about holding yourself responsible for his change, reassure yourself. Sooner or later the mask of the narcissistic pervert ends up falling. His outbursts of love and his beautiful declarations are only traps to appease you and keep you under his influence. Narcissistic perverts don’t feel no emotions and is incapable of having sincere feelings. Everything with them is simulated and done for the purpose of satisfying their ego and fulfilling theirs psychological defects. You will therefore have to decide to give up this romantic relationship that never existed and that you have idealized.

Using indifference against manipulation

Narcissistic perverts have a weak point: theirs ego. They must be the center of attention. In order to feel that they exist, they are constantly in provocation to make you react. Whatever kind of reactions you have to his behavior, the narcissistic pervert lives off of it. We must therefore shorten by being whole doesn’t matter. No more reacting, becoming distant, no longer being concerned when maneuvering will completely destabilize him.

Acts against expectations

The narcissistic pervert imposes his will on his victim, it is well known. He has nothing to do with his desires or his opinions. By acting contrary to his “orders”, you will intrigue him and manage to put a grain of sand in his manipulative mechanics. Start already break the isolation in which he holds you. Start socializing with family and friends again. Regain your confidence and above all to free yourself once and for all from the grip of your perverted partner, start preparing your escape.

Alleviation of guilt towards the narcissistic pervert

relieve guilt narcissistic pervert

You are not responsible for the narcissistic perverted behavior towards you. You can’t save him. On the other hand, getting away from this toxic person is more than necessary to save yourself! A big reconstruction work waiting for you to get rid of his team, but also to regain your confidence. What you should do above all is talk to relatives or a psychologist to understand why you have lost your footing in this destructive relationship. Don’t wait for verbal and emotional abuse to turn into physical abuse.

Faced with a narcissistic pervert who lives in refusalthe best response is to to escape. These tips will allow you to destabilize it, but not to get rid of it completely. It will then be necessary to make a complete break to get him out of your life and protect you from his manipulations. Support is essential to rebuilding yourself and above all to avoid falling into the hands of a narcissistic pervert.


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