“My kids watch Beverly Hills to make fun of me”

MAINTENANCE – We met the unforgettable Brandon Walsh during the Monte-Carlo TV Festival last June.

It is elegance itself. His polo shirt, which shows off his biceps, matches his ice blue eyes, and he starts the conversation with a “ Nice to meet you “, thank you in French! Special guest at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, for which he was president of the jury in 2016, Jason Priestley, in his early fifties, knows how to put everyone at ease. When he bursts into laughter, it’s like he’s summoning Brandon Walsh, his whole face takes us back to the good old days of the series Beverly Hills , the soap opera phenomenon that exposed him to the whole world. He is now an actor, director and producer. Interview.

THE TV MAGAZINE. – Does it bother you that people do and will always refer to Brandon Walsh about you?
Jason PRIESTLEY. – Absolutely not, it’s a big part of my career and the show was an international phenomenon that made television history. Few can boast of having had such an experience. It was a ” Game changer for me and for the television industry.

Are you going to look Beverly Hills?
My kids watch episodes from time to time, we watch them together because I feel like they especially want to make fun of me or the show! Anyway, it’s very dated as a series for young people, right?

With which actors of Beverly Hillsdid you live nearest?
Brian Austin Green (David Silver) and Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders). These are my friends.

Why do you believe some actors in Beverly Hillsstruggled to come back after the streak ended?
I can only speak for myself, but that is a very good question. As far as I’m concerned, after the end of Beverly Hills, I immediately told myself that I should not rest on my laurels, that I should enjoy my notoriety. I have always tried to have other roles, especially those that would take me out of my comfort zone to continue to grow as an actor.

“The concept of rebooting Beverly Hills was very difficult to bring, it was risky. We knew it would be complicated (…) At least we tried! »

Jason Priestley

You once said that Richard Fitzpatrick, the anti-hero in your series Call me Fitz(2010-2013, available on MyCanal), was your career favorite character, why?
Richard was such a fun character to play, he had no boundaries socially and I could play anything thanks to him. And the entire team of writers challenged themselves to make it go even further in its behavior. The whole experience of filming this series was amazing, the whole crew was amazing and we filmed in the middle of nowhere in Nova Scotia Canada in a small town. It made me feel like I was in a three month theater summer internship where we were just acting and being creative.

How did you experience that reboot Beverly Hills(available on myTF1) hasn’t had a second season, it’s a shame…
Oh did you like it? You are one of the few who appreciated it, thanks! (laughter) Beverly Hills: BH90210 was absolutely “meta” (the actors played a real fake version of themselves while filming a remake of Beverly Hillsway mise en abyme, Ed) but in reality the concept was very difficult to implement, it was risky. We knew it was going to be complicated. We had spent a lot of time writing the pilot episode together, and I have the feeling that when we went into production, no one had an exact vision for the rest of the episodes, of where we were going. The channel thought ” the series, that’s the idea! “, the studios had another idea, the actors too and the writers! There were suddenly too many versions of the series on the table. It’s a shame because it was absolutely interesting. At least we tried. It was fun. Some fans understood what we were doing and liked it and some just wanted a classic old school reboot with Peach Pit etc.

Do you think there will be another attempt to restart Beverly Hillswith all the original cast?
We, I don’t think so! (laughter)

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