“My mother died a year ago, she left me 8 million in debt”

This Thursday, August 4, the famous buyer of the issue of France 2 Agreement entered into has been entered into trust without filter to the magazine Gala. She talks about her very complex reports with her father and the estrangement that separated her forever from her mother. If Caroline Margeridon keeps her passion from her mother, she hasn’t spoken to her since age 22 years old. She tells how she felt clung to it as a clam to its rock”, and she has “stopped at school to follow her to the markets”.

If she was close to her mother when she was younger, Caroline Margeridon never had one fusion connection with his dad. “There is one thing I hate above all, it is hypocrisy and we outside we passed by for ideal family with The jaguars, the house in Deauville, the polo horses, but at home it was hell. » revealed the flea market. Before adding: My only childhood memory is when I locked myself in my room to not hear theirs incessant arguments. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like my father from the start. »

Caroline Margeridon: very complex relationship with her parents

The 50-year-old also confided in death from his mother. “My mother died a year ago. The last time I saw her I was 22 and I need 56″, shared the antique dealer. Unfortunately, a dependence of his mother has completely strained their relationship. ” Eshe was player, as his own mother. I found myself with 8000000 debt to avoid bankruptcy. One day he had to I cut the cord. I’m like an electricity meter, I have fuses, it’s called back-up’. continued the mother of Alexandre and Victoire.

Caroline Margeridon finally left without asking” one cent to his parents and began to work very young. She confides in everyone transparency : “My mother asked to see me before she died, just like my father two years earlier, I refused. I don’t know do not forgive. “QWhen they died, I didn’t want to hear about them legacy. I didn’t want anything. » When asked about this reaction came from his pridereplied the company manager: ” It is survival. I don’t have the means or the desire to be one unhappy. »

The France 2 star also confided in her current romantic relationship. ” He lives in Switzerland. This is -one complicated love, explosive“she shared” He always says that we are yin and yang. It might be love after all, business to follow. » Her love affair with Pascal has lasted for more than three years. She explains that she has ” never lived with a man. Neither with the father of my children nor with my husband, to whom I remained married for 16 years“, she added. I prefer to live with my friends only with my lovers. With them I find loyaltythe honesty, the complicity that I need. »

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Caroline Margeridon confides without filter

The family’s mother explains that she did not no taboo. And the same goes for his children. “As long as we talk healthily about things. And I have no secrets. Not with my kids either. Also, every other month since they were little we find ourselves in what is called ‘Switzerland‘, that is, in my bed, we admit things to each other the most terrible we did, but nobody has the right to shout,” she confessed. Mother henthe sidekick of Sophie Davant is without a doubt.

If Caroline Margeridon is so close to her children, it is because she has them raised alone. The reason ? ” Nine months after my daughter’s birth, I discovered it I was cheated, she revealed. The buyer then took her children and left her former companion, Gérald Mossé. ” I left with the pool under my arm at. Three months later their father moved Hong Kong. Which suited me fine. Parting with a baby every other weekend would have been unsustainable”, she confides to our colleagues from Gala. In return, the collector has done everything to ensure that her children get one good picture of their father.

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