salary down to hope to look up for Rodez

In Rodez this Saturday night, David Guion will do the same as a week earlier, that is, a lot of young players from the reserve (21.6 years average age at the time…

In Rodez this Saturday evening, David Guion will do the same as a week earlier, that is to say a lot of young players from the reserve (21.6 years on average at kick-off against VA), to which Fransergio will be added on the field and Alberth Elis on the bench. He will still not be able to count on the three recruits, defenders Yoann Barbet, Vital Nsimba and goalkeeper Jonas Lössl, because the club’s salary costs are still too high by a minimum of three million euros for the DNCG to approve the approval of their contracts.

Reductions for everyone

For now, they are patient with good grace and their commitment is not questioned. However, it would be in good taste if Barbet and Nsimba, after missing the first two games, could play the third against Niort. In goal, Gaëtan Poussin only learned at the start of the week that he was no longer number 1… before being confirmed in this role given the club’s financial situation. We have known a healthier situation.

The Bordeaux management has accelerated in recent days. It can no longer unilaterally reduce all salaries by 20%, as the article in the UNFP’s charter has been deemed illegal by the Court of Cassation. She therefore asked more players to agree to this effort, especially some sent to train with the reserve team since the beginning of the month (1). Suffice to say, these will be hard to convince.

“Negotiations are ongoing,” according to a source close to the club, with possible signings next season for those who still want to be there. According to our information, it is also “planned” that all directors and managers will have their salaries cut. This does not concern President Gérard Lopez, and for good reason: he takes this position voluntarily.

Ambition not undertaken

The overall drop must be all the more significant, as Bordeaux is putting its hand in its pocket to attract. In L2, Toulouse had not recruited anyone beyond €40,000 a month (almost four times the average wage), while Barbet and Nsimba are already over. The calculation is simple: the more the club wants good players, the more it has to pay them dearly, and the more it has to skim. The hoped-for departures of Hwang Ui-Jos, Junior Onanas, Rémi Oudins, even Alberth Elis or Josh Maja have still not happened.

Meanwhile, Bordeaux cannot yet fulfill their ambition to return to L1 next spring. His young guard may be talented, but they fatally lack a little bit of everything, including confidence. “The boys are going to fear an away game, Guion fears. On the Rodez side, they don’t care if I have children aged 18 or 19. They receive the Girondins, a contender for the promotion. But today this team needs to be strengthened and cannot claim to rise.”

Betting and Handicap

Even online betting sites are not wrong. Rodez may have finished 17th in L2 last season, he is the big favorite of the meeting, a reminder to Bordeaux that having the biggest budget in the Championship is nothing more than a guarantee to spend more than the others.

In this context, sending pro players to the cellar is both a gamble because it probably won’t ease their departures, and a rather incomprehensible luxury because everyone is paid and some can be useful. For example, it was not Junior Mwanga but Abdel Medioub who was called up last season to help in L1, and Rémi Oudin probably has enough talent to succeed in the second division, especially in an offensive sector with a shortage of hands. . It would be better to quickly sign recruits and take points so that this “cap” is not, in turn, at the center of discussions.

(1) Rouyard, Baysse, Medioub, Mexer, Kwateng, Zerkane, Oudin and Niang.

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