She marries Marcel for his money, he prepares a terrible plan to take revenge!

What will a man not do to become rich? Money is so important to life on earth that most people will do anything to get it. This is the case with Sandrine Devillard. She married to an old hermit solely for the purpose of monopolizing his possessions. However, she had no idea that the old man had already planned everything. Read the article to learn more about the famous story.

Love at first sight from the first meeting

The old man in question was called Marcel Amphoux. He lived in his native town of Puy-Saint-Pierre. He lives in a small cabin, without electricity or running water, a true hermit. The 67-year-old man lived quietly in his house.

He lived by himself as his previous romantic relationships had all failed. Besides, he no longer believed in love until he meets a Parisian.

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Many of us think that love at first sight doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t. The proof? Marcel Amphoux was immediately in love with Sandrine. And this from the first day they met. How not to be?

Sandrine was a woman spoiled by nature. At the age of 42, she still had a girl’s body. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also single and a real estate agent. Against all odds, the young woman would also have felt an affection for the old hermit.

Which is very strange for a beautiful woman like her. So they got together. But their relationship was frowned upon by those close to Marcel. It’s obvious that because of their huge age difference, people immediately thought that Sandrine was only dating him out of interest. Because despite Marcel’s appearance as a bum, he owned several plots and lodgings in the Alps.

Very soon they were married

People therefore believed that the only thing that attracted the woman to Marcel was only his material possessions. That being said, Marcel was not aware of this. As we all know, when we are in love, we lose some of our ability to reason. This is indeed what happened to Marcel, for the old man even decided to marry the Parisian.

Very surprised by this announcement, the inhabitants of Puy-Saint-Pierre did everything to warn their neighbour. At his wedding, one of his relatives even asked him not to sign. He warned her that La Parisienne would rip her off, but he didn’t listen.

An old man who marries a young woman
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Sandrine, approxignorant of all that is said about their relationship, gave a speech. She had explained that it was not of interest to her to go out with Marcel. She pointed out that she was very much in love with him and that in Paris she already had her own property.

The old man is dead, but…

Her beautiful words were in doubt because after their marriage, she decided to return to Paris. She left her husband all alone in the village and visited him only very rarely. Something that is very strange for someone who is really in love.

Moreover, it went badly, because a year after tying the knot, Marcel died. He was the victim of a serious accident. The villagers immediately thought that Sandrine had something to do with this accident. Which the Parisienne vehemently denied because the information revealed it it was because of the weather.

Now that Marcel is dead, Sandrine felt like she was the only one who left inherit millions of euros. She did not wait long to evict the tenants who lived in her late husband’s residence.

However, the one who expected to become a millionaire got the shock of his life when she learned that the farmer had disinherited her. In the end, Marcel wasn’t so naive. This is proof that he always listened to his neighbors.

He also bequeathed all his property to the tenants who lived in his old house. Who would have thought that Sandrine, who hoped to get rich by tricking the farmerended up being fooled by the latter.

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